bloodpyrope (bloodpyrope) wrote in bad_service,

Scamming dentist

So this story happened a few years ago and reading a few posts brought back memories.

First off some background info, when this story was taking place, we were going through a bad time so as a result we hadn't had dental insurance for about a year and so during that time we didn't go see the dentist.

Once when I was flossing my teeth, a filling popped out so my mom was like we'll go see one tomorrow. When we went, it turns out our old dentist had retired and was replaced by a new younger dentist. But we figured all dentists were about the same so whatever.

First off, he started chatting to my mom while doing a checkup. The first waring we should've gotten was that he told us that he had moved from the east coast to the west coast because he wasn't making as much money and he heard he could make more in California.

Then when he started taking x-rays, his machine was so wobbly he had me hold it to keep it still. At that moment I was getting nervous because most machines are pretty stable. Then when he examined the pictures, he told my mom that the cavity was too close too my root and that I needed a root canal surgery with a crown. Oh that by the way I had 10 cavities and the charge would come up to $3000.

By then my mom was really flustered because we could not afford $3000 and there was no way I took care of my teeth that badly. She demanded a picture of the x-ray and we went to a different dentist we had visited once before.

Now the second dentist took one look at the x-ray's we gave him and said it was too blurry to see anything clearly. He took new x-rays and told me that in fact I did NOT need root canal surgery and I only had 2 cavities.

To this day that tooth that needed root canal is perfectly fine and we never went back to that old fraud again and told everyone we knew about him. That loser could've scammed us out of a few thousand bucks!
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