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Are you hearing different words than what I'm saying?

Mkay, a little background information here...

For about one year, I was under two different insurance company providers - my father's (as I am still of age), Aetna, and my own insurance, United Healthcare, through the job that I had. I recently left said job, which just about coincided with getting some hefty bills from various health care providers I'd gone to recently. We realized that the bills were so large because only one insurance was taking out a portion of the costs - my father's.

I called United Healthcare, which I had through my job, and they told me that no bill had ever come to them in the duration of their service with me. As I go into the hospital frequently for chronic migraines, I knew that they certainly should have reached them.

Easy enough - they said to call the two hospitals and one health care physician I'd gone to in that time and request two things - all bills that had accumulated from treatment both paid and unpaid, and a reason why these bills weren't sent to them within 90 days. This was likely just because Aetna was listed as the primary insurance.

Sounds easy enough, right?

I had called the two hospitals to explain the situation and request exactly what was stated above, and had no problem whatsoever with them. They understood what I was asking and processed the papers as needed.

When I called the health care physician, that's where things got rough. Script format, since it's lengthy!

Me = me. Hi. <3
Her = easily-confused woman

Her: Thank you for calling blah blah blah Offices, how may I help you today?
Me: Hello! I have a bit of a situation here. I was under two separate insurance providers for about a year, and in that time only one of the insurance companies was being billed for health care services. They told me to have each bill sent to them from a certain date on, so we can get the full coverage.
Her: ...okay. Well, can I have your ID number, please.
Me: (Huh? There's no patient card or anything here) I'm sorry, do you mean the ID from the insurance, or...
Her: NO. Your ID number.
Me: (pause, confused)
Her: Your social security number, do you have that then?
Me: Oh yes, it's xxx-xx-xxxx.
Her: Hold.

(puts me on hold for about a minute)

Her: Okay, I've got you here for insurance through... UPS? I mean, the post office? And it says... well, where's BlahBlah Mall? Part-time..."
Me: Yes, the post office insurance is through my father, and the insurance through BlahBlah Mall and Hot Topic is through me, the one that ended.
Her: Hold.

(holds again for a few seconds)

Her: Which one ended?
Me: The insurance through Hot Topic ended on June 30th, 2009.
Her: That's listed as your secondary insurance. If it was your job, it SHOULD have been your primary.
Me: Heh, yes, that's what the company told me. It was a mix-up, and that's why we're going through to get all of these sent through to them.
Her: Okay, so, when did it end...?
Me: June 30th, 2009. It began July 1st, 2008, so every bill from then should be sent.
Her: Hold.

(holds another thirty seconds)

Her: There are notes here. From one of your first visits. They were added to your file, and said that Nicky had to (insert random terminology that I don't understand, obviously office filing terms), and then Nicky was supposed to (something else).
Me: (pause) ...I'm sorry, I'm not sure what that means. (nervous laugh)
Her: The NOTES SAY that Nicky was supposed to- never mind.
(long pause)
Her: So you're saying that your secondary insurance through Aetna was supposed to be billed for services, but it wasn't, so we need to send the bills there.
Me: No, the Aetna insurance was billed - that was through my father. The secondary insurance was through United Healthcare, and that's the one that needs the bills.
Her: Well, I'll put those notes in here. Hold.

(only a few seconds this time)

Her: Okay, I've put the notes in your file and Nicky should be looking at that, and if we need anything else we can reach you at the phone number you've listed. (acting like she's about to hang up)
Me: Well, wait, I've got two more points I need to touch on-
Her: We went OVER everything.
Me: (annoyance starting to show in my voice) No, United Healthcare is also requesting that each health provider sends a reason why the bills weren't sent out within 90 days, which is probably just because they weren't the primary insurance on the account, and-
Her: OKAY, I'll put that down for Nicky.
Me: ...and would you like the address to send the bills to?
Her: (pause)
Me: For United Healthcare?
Her: Hold.

(hold was seriously about three or four minutes this time)

Her: Okay, you're seriously confusing me here. You really are.
Me: I'm sor-
Her: You say you've got two insurance plans, through your dad and your job, and the one through your dad's Aetna is ending, and you've got to bill the one that's ending but it says we already billed through Aetna.
Me: No, the insurance that is ending is the one through Hot Topic, through United Healthcare, and which was the secondary.
Her: SAID it was Aetna.
Me: ...I'm sorry, no I didn't, I've said United Healthcare.
Her: Well, I just don't get this. You're being very confusing. Do you have a fax machine?
Me: Unfortunately, I don-
Her: (barely lets me finish) Well, you need to fax over what you're trying to do, and send a GOOD copy of each side of the insurance card, and you've got to... well, just hold on. I mean, they're going to shut the phones off soon, but- hold.

(on hold, where I look at the clock and realize it's 4:08pm, and the office closes at 4:30pm)

Her: So you need the bills sent to Aetna insurance through your job at Hot Topic, and then we're taking the Aetna off of the account and you'll just be under your father's. Correct?
Me: (getting really annoyed now) No, the Aetna insurance is through my father. It is the primary insurance on my account, through the postal service. You've got to send the bills to United Healthcare, which was my insurance through Hot Topic. Then that can be taken off.
Her: (huge, rude sigh, a lot of typing) Okay. I made the note. What's the PO box for the insurance company?

After this, we went through the address and phone number for United Healthcare three different times as she threw random extra numbers into the zip code and phone number. I know it was a confusing situation, but I laid it out as simply as I could and the two hospitals had no problem with it.

I just hope everything went through correctly and that it isn't messed up. Grah!

TL;DR: Woman thinks that when I say one thing, I must obviously mean another, and won't give up until I admit it. Even though she's wrong.

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