Tallyho (klashfor) wrote in bad_service,

I lurk here, I know I know nobody cares it's my first time :P (In the UK if it matters)

My sister, mother and I decided to go shopping and we went to stop for lunch. My mother had seen somewhere advertising 'healthy fresh food' so we decided to check it out.

We sit down and they explain their unconventional ordering system (you have a pad with all the menu items on it, you mark how many you want of what item, hand it to the kitchen and pay, they bring the food out to you)

We mark three lemonades and two pork wraps, I ordered two side dishes-wasn't hungry.

The lemonades come and they taste...weird. Like it's lemon with ginger. All three of them. We check the menu, there is a different lemon and ginger drink. We tell the waitress, she apologises and exchanges the two of them for the lemonade we ordered. (I had finished mine already, we told her mine was wrong too, and she offered to bring me one even though I had finished which I thought was nice)

Mine comes out (hummus and flatbread, both completely fine) and so do the two pork wraps.

We're a little confused as they are supposed to be the same thing, but both look completely different. One has a red-ish filling the other green. We call the waitress over and she says she does not know why they look different, they only have one pork wrap on the menu. They are both pork, and she assures us they are what we ordered and she doesn't know why they look different.

Mum and sister start eating, the red filled one is too spicy too eat. The green filled one is kind of bland. The wrap is supposed to have sweet chilli sauce on it. We guess that one wrap got the chilli sauce serving for both. Mum goes up to the counter to explain what she thinks is wrong. They offer a new one, with no chilli sauce. She says no she'll have a normal one with the normal amount.

We wait a while- much longer than it took for the first wraps to come out. It comes out and again has no chilli sauce.

She decides to give up, eat it and leave.

TL;DR Restaurant can't get orders right, waitress is nice and tries to be helpful to no avail.

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