Erin (fallenangel262) wrote in bad_service,

I went into Radio Shack with my friend and I decided to pick up a headset for my cell phone. He asks me if I need help and I tell him that I'm looking for a headset. "You want a holster?" "No, just a headset, please." "Okay, you need a case?" "No, I have one, thanks." So, anyway, I pick one out, 29.99, pay for it and it was like, 40 dollars and some change with that, the 6.00 guarantee and

When I was waiting for my friend to pay for her stuff, I noticed that I was charged 32.99 for it. I look at the label, thinking maybe I just didn't look at that rack, but I was right, it was 29.99. I ask a different guy from before to help me...

Me: "I just bought this and it rang in as 32.99
and it's supposed to be 29.99. The rack says so over there."
Him: "Ummmm....... you don't want it?"
Me: "No, I want it, I just want the difference back."
Him: "Ummmm....... it says 29.99?"
Me: "Yes, on the rack."
Him: "It rang in 32.99 in the computer... that's what the computer says."
Me: "Yes, I understand that, but the tag on the item says 29.99, so therefore that should be what I pay."
Him: "Ummmmmmmmmmmm... hold on."

So he gets a "manager." She was helping someone else, so I wait patiently. I work in retail and I know how it can get. But it's just an obvious concept that what the tag says it what you should pay. So, she finishes, and I thought it would get better...

I tell her what's wrong and show her the reciept with my credit card to be credited the three dollars. She re-rings, voids, rings, voids, rings, voids...
Her: "Did you pay for it already?"


I walked out of that place feeling like I lost 30 IQ points. I was there fifteen minutes just for three dollars, but it's just the principle of it.

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