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Wrong Size Wood

My wife wants to enclose part of the back yard and fill it with river stone for a cheap, easy patio. I took some measurements last fall and ordered (6) 8’ 6x6 landscaping timbers from a local lumberyard. A few things came up and I was unable to start the project until this spring. Due to the grading in the back and the fact that my wife doesn’t want to step up the timber to follow the grade (like I had planned to do) I wound up having to double up some of the timber and was therefore short by three pieces.

No problem, I go and order three more pieces. It all went downhill from there.

When the three pieces arrived they were ¾” narrower than what we got before. I went and spoke to the people at the lumber desk and they told me they had two different types of 6x6 and they would exchange what they delivered for the other type.

We get the new ones and they are also ¾” too narrow. I have my wife tell the delivery driver to take all of them back and I head down to the lumberyard with a sample of what was delivered last year. I figure they just picked the order from the wrong place and all I have to do is find out what they actually gave us and order more of that.

I wind up talking to the general manager who tells me that what I have is a special cut 7x7 that they do not stock. He spends several minutes trying to convince me that I must have special ordered these pieces last fall. I finally throw up my hands and say, “Look. I don’t know wood. I walked up to your lumber desk. I ordered (6) 8’ lengths of 6x6 landscaping timber. I paid. The next day a truck showed up and dropped off six pieces of lumber. If that’s ‘special’ ordering then yes I ‘special’ ordered them!”.

He then says that maybe a special order had fallen through last year and possibly someone may have mistakenly given me these instead of the typical 6x6 timber. He tells me he will call me tomorrow with a price for three pieces to match what I have already installed.

I get home and my wife tells me that the delivery driver went out back to look at what we had. He immediately recognized it as 7x7’s. He tells her that indeed they did have a special order for a quantity of these pieces last year and the order did fall through after they had recieved the material from their supplier. He said that they had been delivering the 7x7’s to people that had ordered 6x6’s because the 7x7’s are an odd-ball size that they don’t stock and they wanted to get rid of them.

So basically that fucking general manager knew that they had deliberately given us the wrong material the entire time he was trying to get me to admit that I had “special” ordered it.

I get a call the next day. We paid $31 each for the six pieces we bought last year. They want $112 each for three pieces that match.

I could use the standard 6x6 to finish the last side of the enclosure but my wife is a bit OCD and has told me that the miss-matched material will drive her insane no matter how neat I make it look.

I’m taking a few days to calm down before I go speak to the manager. I plan on giving him two options:
1) I’ll rip out what I have installed. They come pick it up and drop off the material they were supposed to give us last fall. They would pretty much have to write off the pieces they are picking up as they have been cut, have spikes driven through them and have timberlock screws driven through them.
2) I’ll by the last three pieces but I split the difference in cost with them and they eat it.

I would demand that they give it to us at the original price but I really don’t want to have to rip out the work I have already done and we can’t find the original receipt so if they decide to play hard ball I would have an impossible time trying to prove they sent us the wrong material in court.

Tl;dr: Lumber company unloads odd non-stocked wood sizes on unsuspecting customers and then want the customers to pay almost four times as much to match the size of the stuff they got rid of.
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