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I'm gonna kill someone

I am allergic to nickel.
Whenever you go into pretty much any even vaguely reputable doctor's office, no matter what type of office it is, they ask for allergy information. I always tell them I'm allergic to nickel because a lot of medical instruments are nickel-plated.
I know for a fact that my optometrist has my nickel allergy written on my chart because I remember joking with him that if any of the equipment had nickel on it, I'd have two big raccoon eye marks around my face for the next week.

So I posted my b_s on here in January from when I went there and they tried to give me a "year's supply" of solution that all expired in July. July came and about two weeks ago I went to get the other half of my year's supply of solution. They were out of the brand I like so they gave me their sort of favored brand, Aquify. I explained that when they gave me Aquify when I first got my contacts, it really hurt my eyes. They brushed it off as just being an adjustment to contacts and not an actual problem with the solution. Sounds reasonable, so I took my Aquify home.
Nope, still burns like hell. I called and told them this. After asking the required idiot-proof questions ("are you sure you're washing your hands?") they said I should just get a new lens case, throw out that pair of contacts in case I got something on them, and continue to try and use the Aquify, it's probably just an adjustment thing.
Nope, still burns like hell. I've been too busy to go there this past week so I've just been wearing glasses. This morning, while brushing my teeth, I glance up at the bottle of Aquify.

CONTRAINDICATIONS (Reasons not to Use): If you are allergic to silver or other metals such as nickel, or to any ingredient in this solution, do not use.

THANKS, BUDDY. I would say this is partially my fault for not checking but who the hell would think to check a liquid -- a liquid you put on your eyeballs of all things -- for nickel? I've been allergic to nickel my entire life and this is the first time I've had a problem with a liquid because of it. Apparently the doc and the people behind the counter didn't think to check, either. COOL.
Reason #2937592837589 I'm never going back to that fucking office (after, of course, I go back today and get new solution).
Tags: *medical/pharmacy, eyeballs, first do no harm?
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