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Witnessed/Involved Bad Service

So as I was waiting for my car to get serviced, I got thirsty so I walked to the Starbucks across the street. The store was pretty empty, yet there were 5-6 baristas just standing there talking among themselves. There was only one other person in front of me, an Asian lady. She had already received her drink and wasn't satisfied with it.

AL : Asian Lady
B1: Barista #1
M: Manager
B2: Barista #2

This conversation happened while an audience of baristas watches on.
AL: *sets cup on counter* This (grande) mocha frappuccino doesn't taste right.
B1: *Looks at cup marking,which read "MF".... says rudely* Well, it's a mocha frappuccinno...
AL: It doesn't taste the same as it usually does.
B1; Well, you practically finished it so I can't give you a refund. (she drank like probably 1/4 of it)
AL: Ok, well can you remake it? It doesn't taste right. ..blahblahblah...
B1: Well, no.. you already drank it. Besides, I can't understand what you're saying. *loudly* Can't you speak better English?? (Random barista says "ooo" as in "daaaaaaamn")

WTF? Ok, so I admit that this lady had an accent, but I could understand her just fine. Now, I'm a store manager at another Starbucks in town. When visiting other stores, I stay away from their issues. But, this really irked me. The lady seemed foreign, maybe a traveler. I got the impression that they were trying to take advantage of that possibility. I mean, if any of my employees said that to a customer, I would send them home. End of story. So I speak up...

Me: Um, excuse me, but that was really uncalled for. You shouldn't be speaking to your customers that way.
AL: Yes, that was really rude. I want to speak to the person in charge.

Behind B1 was a gentleman brewing coffee, he looked to be around 20-22. He turns around when he hears " in charge."

M: What can I assist you with?
AL: Your barista was really rude to me blahblahblah...
M: Well, I don't see--
Me: *cuts him off* You were standing right behind her the entire time. There was no way you could have not heard her. I don't think this is Legendary Service.

Manager becomes flustered, not knowing what to reply, as if I said the magic words or something.
M: *scold* B1 I need to see you in my office.
Barista follows.

Now, they just left without resolving the poor lady's problem. The other baristas, like a herd, all try to jump in to the register. Barista #2 succeeds.
B2: Well, yea I agree. You drank most of it. So we can't really do anything for you.
AL: *obviously losing patience* I want this remade. I don't like it!! No! Forget it!! I want my money back! This is ridiculous! Give me my money back!
B2; *converses with onlooking baristas* Well, since you drank most of it the best I can do is refund you for a tall.
AL: *Defeated* OK, yeah. I don't care. I just wanna go home.

No no no no no! This is not policy. They were just starting to piss me off. I glance over at the cup and it looks pretty light in color for a mocha frapp, so I grab the cup, take off the lid and smell it.

Me: Guys, this is a Caramel Frappuchino. That's why it tastes funny to her.
Baristas: (O.O).. (O.o)... (o.O)
B2: *smells it* I guess it is a caramel frappuccino.

At this point, the first barista (teary eyed) comes out of the office along with the manager. The other baristas remade the drink and AL went off happy. Even though I was thirsty as heck, I decided not to get a drink there but before I told the manager:

Me: Hey you really need to set an example for the other baristas. I'm a manager at a store and I would have stepped in before things escalated.
M: Well, this is Starbucks and it doesn't run the same as whatever store you work at.
me: No, I'm a store manager of a Starbucks... and you need to review the "just say yes" policy.
M: *speechless* Ohh...

TL;D - Lady orders drink and baristas give her grief when she wants it remade/refund. They made the wrong drink in the first place!

Tags: see what happens when you speak up
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