it's a wonderful night for eyebrows (monsterfeets) wrote in bad_service,
it's a wonderful night for eyebrows

It is not the same I promise.

Just a minor but annoying one.

I went into Barnes & Noble Starbucks the other day and ordered a "grande mocha, hot please" I always specify hot because for some reason, if I do not, approximately half the time I get iced and I hate iced mochas. She repeats my order correctly, I pay and I go sit down with my friend and browse the magazines we had purchased.

A couple minutes later we hear, "Iced Grande Mocha." from the counter. I just stay there because that's not what I ordered and I figure (hope) it's someone elses. Then, again. "Iced Grande Mocha!" is this time, shouted, in a rather rude manner, in my general direction. I get up and walk over, "I'm sorry, I wanted a hot mocha."

The two employees just look at me blankly.

"Iced Grande Mocha." She says, gesturing too my drink.

"Um. I ordered a regular hot mocha. Could I get a hot mocha?"

Again they look at me and then exchange glances.

"It's the same thing." one of them says.

"Uh. ..."  I do not get a chance to reply because one has gone to serve another customer and the other has casually wandered to the back as if I am non-existent.

I just take my stupid iced mocha because I am completely perplexed and say "Well I wanted a hot mocha but thanks anyway :|" at which the cashier shoots me a dirty look and I just leave because I really didn't feel like dealing with it.
Tags: coffee/doughnuts/bagels, you gotta speak up
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