thegreatmouton (thegreatmouton) wrote in bad_service,

You could have just said something!

First of all, I realize that this is not a tremendous, life-altering bad_service experience, but I do think it's always nicer to, you know, talk to you customers instead of just ignoring them.

To the story...

So, I decide to go to McDonald's to get a sweet tea (I think that they must be laced with just a tiny bit of cocaine because they're so addictive). At this particular McDonald's, there are two speakers at the drive-thru. A car is in front of me, and I'm at the second speaker. The car in front pulls up and around and I wait at the speaker for maybe a minute at most. No one answers, so I figure maybe that one isn't working and pull up to the first speaker. There's a note that says they close today at 8 pm. I look at the clock and it's just a smidge after 8. No big deal, I'm just out of luck.

Just as I'm going to drive away, a voice thanks me for coming to McDonalds and asks if I'd like to try an angus burger. I'm a little confused, but I say "Oh, are you still open?" No response.

I say "Actually, I just wanted a large sweet tea". No response.

I say, "Umm, are you closed?" No response.

I pull around to the windows, and the girl is there, with the headset on, waving her arms and mouthing "we're closed".

Like I said, it's really not that a big deal and if she hadn't said the greeting, I would have just turned around and went home. I completely understand that they were closed and that isn't the bad_service at all. To me, it's that she made it sound like they were still taking orders, but instead of saying "Oops, it's actually after 8. I'm sorry, we're closed now" or something to that effect, she just choose to ignore me.

** EDIT ** I didn't think about the possibility of it being an automated greeting. Now I feel a little silly. :P
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