lovethatlovage (lovethatlovage) wrote in bad_service,

Never have I so wanted to lose my temper with someone

So, I had just gotten home from the airport. Myself and my SO decided to stop at Subway on the way home. They close at 10:00pm and it's like 9:40pm. There are other people in the store.

As soon as I walk up to the counter the older woman (of two employees) says "we're closed." I said "don't you guys close at 10?" reply.

Then I get a very rude "WELL what do you want then." We placed out orders. This is when they start to bitch back and forth to each other VERY loudly in spanish.

She starts making the sandwiches and she's just basically slopping shit on the bread. My SO ended up with like 4 meatballs on a 12 inch sub and I got like half the tuna I should have because she was using a plastic spoon vs a scoop. I pointed this out and she slopped more on, I'm still not totally pissed at this point.

She then storms into the back for whatever reason and just leaves the sandwiches sitting there, never to be seen again.

The younger girl then gives us our cheese and toasts them for us, with minor attitude, not as bad as the other lady.

Then comes the debacle that is getting toppings. She refuses to give us any that are covered with plastic wrap saying that she "didn't have that topping" when it was clearly right in front of her face. Drenches my SO's sub in oil and vingar (it was fucking meatball) and just puts two enormous handfulls of lettuce on mine.

At this point I said "I'm sorry it's such a chore for you to make these sandwiches, it's clearly posted that you guys close at 10pm. I'll not be coming back here and I'll be calling your manager."

I got the impression the entire time they just wanted to close up early and were completely hostile that people still dared to order sandwiches. Lock the door then.

There are like 20 Subways around my house...I have plenty to chose from, such horrible service hurts them a lot more then it hurts me. We used to eat there at least once a week.

I will seriously never go back into that store.

ETA: Attempted to contact the manager today. I'm having a hell of a time finding the correct phone number because this place is apparently a franchise. It's not on the Subway website, I called another Subway in the area and they didn't have it and I was unable to google it.

No wonder they're such jerks, no consequences. When I have time I'll just go down there in person.
Tags: "i'll not be coming back here", abierto/cerrado, condiments, deli/sandwich shop
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