kimi_ann (kimi_ann) wrote in bad_service,


Over the weekend my husband and I were out shopping. I decided I wanted to check out a store that previously only business owners could shop at. They now offer free personal memberships though. It was 8:15pm. I checked the sign on the door and it said they close at 9pm. Great! Plenty of time.

I walked in the door and a woman greeted me and asked if I had my membership card. I told her politely that I did not since it was my first time in. She suddenly changed her tone, gave me a look, sighed loudly, looked at her watch and said, well, I can get you set up with one in a few minutes but you're really not going to have much time to shop tonight. After she said that she just stared at me with her eyebrows raised. I stood there for a second, shrugged and said OK, thanks and walked out the door.

I still want to check the store out, but I was put off by this. There were still 45 minutes until closing! I had no intentions of shopping until midnight!
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