tricky squirrel (ohbutitsshiny) wrote in bad_service,
tricky squirrel

update to jiffy lube saga

an update to my jiffy lube complaint here.

after i last posted things continued basically as before. finally i just called the store and asked to speak to josh, the store manager. he was actually there, and told me to come by to drop off my receipts for the tow and oil change. when i got there he asked me to fill out a claim, which i pointed out that not only had i already done, BUT, his receptionist had assured me she had given it to him. thanks jackass.

a few days later i was contacted by ryan from customer service. he told me i would receive a check in the mail in the next few days and asked how my car was doing. i told him i thought it was fine but had no way of knowing. he assured me that if i had any problems with it, i could just give them a call back.

saturday i got the check in the mail. everything seemed fine until i flipped it over. under the endorsement area is a stamp that reads "PAYMENT IN FULL. Acceptance of this payment releases Lucor, Inc., its affiliates, subsidaries, and assigns, from all claims, warranties, and liabilities arising out of any service performed on the payee's vehicle by Jiffy Lube Service Center."

oh hell no. so if i accept this $175, and my car has some unknown damage that will pop up later because of what they did, i'm fucked? and all i have to go on is the word of the same people who messed up my car in the first place. i have no idea if something else could be wrong with my car because i know nothing about cars- if i did i would have changed my own damned oil in the first place. and i don't know if i'm being paranoid or not but i feel like my gas mileage has sucked recently, and sometimes i hear a faint noise that i never noticed before coming from the car. but hey, maybe i'm just hearing things? i can't really afford to just rip the check up and preserve my right to fight JL later but i'm not really sure what other option i have.
Tags: follow-up, helpful comments, internet lawyering, response from business?
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