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I'm in Pittsburgh for the weekend to prepare for my move here, and everyone kept telling me to go get a "real" Pgh style sandwich (with fries and coleslaw between the bread) at Primanti Bros. So tonight we headed over to the one on Forbes Ave in Oakland.....

Dear Primanti Brothers,
Yelp says that you are open until midnight on Sunday.
The sign on your door says the same thing.
So why, why at 11:15 tonight were all of your stools up and your doors locked without even an explanation of why you were closed up early?

It wasn't like you were cleaning up when we got there. The floor lights were off and the manager was doing the end of the night count. Based on my experience, I'd say you had been closed since at least 10:30, if not earlier than that.

Just as a recap: 10:30 =/= midnight.

No love,

I gave it two stars on Yelp instead of one because I'm an optimistic person who hopes that maybe tonight was just a fluke or an emergency and not just a lazy staff. I might go back someday, but I probably won't even bother. BLEH.
Tags: deli/sandwich shop, hours
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