The Closet Republican (mobilesuithomer) wrote in bad_service,
The Closet Republican

Before I begin, I'd like to point out that I've eaten at Quiznos maybe twice in my entire life, and as such, I wasn't certain about how things work there.

See, I went into a Quiznos yesterday, and the lone employee said "Hello." Not really noticing, I made some vague response, and looked at the menu.

He said "Hello" again, this time more emphatically. I said something along the lines of "Yeah, hi." He then said (if I remember correctly) "All I want is a 'hello'," or something along those lines. I say "Hello," and he immediately throws his arms up in the air to make clear his frustration. I guess I wasn't formal enough.

Now, like I mentioned earlier, I don't go to Quiznos (the only ones in our city are clear on the other side of town), so I just sort of assumed things worked like they do in Subway (you say what sandwich you want, the ask what you want on it). My mistake.

He puts mayonnaise on the bun, I point out that I didn't want mayonnaise (while apologizing) and he immediately says, and I quote, "People keep doing this shit to me. They need to know what the fuck they want before they order!"

Not knowing what else to say, I quickly said "Yeah, I'll see you later" and walked out the door.

I'm definitely not going back to that Quiznos, although I'm not ruling out another trip to a different establishment in the future (I recall the food being good, and my previous experiences involved cheerful employees).

Oh well.

Edit: We were the only two people there. I should have mentioned that earlier.
Tags: deli/sandwich shop, dialogue seems slightly... exaggerated
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