Georgia (becomingun) wrote in bad_service,

Shopper's Drug Mart fail

Year old bad_service, or more bad_logic, I suppose.

I was at Shopper's Drug Mart(the one in the Eatons centre in Toronto) because my bangs were getting a bit greasy and I wanted to pin them back. I went to the hair aisle, grabbed a package of hairpins and a bottle of shampoo, along with a few other little things I was out of, and headed to the checkout.

The line there is weird though. If it's long, it reaches into one of the aisles, and on this day it was LONG. So I was about halfway down the aisle waiting in line, and my hair was REALLY bugging me. So I pulled two of the pins out of the package I was holding and slid them into my hair.

About two minutes later while I was still WAITING IN THE LINE(though there was only one person behind me), a guy comes up to me and says he's a secret shopper(or security, I don't really know, but he showed me some sort of badge thing and was in plainclothes) and told me "I saw what you just did there. Give me those pins."

I was a little bit WTF because I'm waiting in line to BUY THEM, so I said no. The guy starts telling me he could detain me for shoplifting and have me arrested for trespassing if I ever came back, etc.. In the end, I just yelled that I wanted to speak to a salesperson, and when one arrived I got really mad and explained that I'm IN LINE to buy these, and asked why this asshole(and I will admit to using the word) is accusing me of stealing. The guy got all hoity-toity and said that "from your manner, I could tell you were going to put them down and leave without paying for the ones you used." In the end, he insisted on standing next to me while I paid for them to make sure I wasn't going to steal after all.

Am I in the wrong to think that that's really weird??? I mean, I was waiting in line, by then shouldn't it be obvious I'm not going to steal the stuff? Or is that some sort of weird grey area??
Tags: canada, drug store, false accusations, question

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