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KFC Annoyance

So the other day my girlfriend and I decided we didn't feel like cooking and wanted some good 'ol Colonel's chicken. She had work that night so we pulled up into the drive-thru and after looking at the menu decided on the 14 piece meal (14 pieces, drums & thighs, 2 mashed potatoes w/ gravy, cole slaw and 6 biscuts) so we could eat dinner and have enough leftovers for her to take to work with her. We sat in the drive through for about 5 - 10 minutes in the same spot before we decided to park and go inside. When we walked inside the same truck was sitting at the speaker and the passenger (I think) was standing next to the speaker trying to get their order across. I begin to think this is not a good sign.

We go inside and wait in line and the manager is taking orders. Some woman jumps in front of us at the last minute and grabs the manager to talk about a refund for something so a regular cashier jumps on. I hope to goodness she was new because she was just awful.

Me: Hi. I'd like the 14 piece fill-up feast.
Cashier: Uhhh .... The 14 piece is dark meat.
Me: Is it? That's fine, whatever I just want that meal.
Cashier: *looks lost*
Me: The 14 piece meal .. *points to the big ass sign behind her*
Cashier: OH! Ok. Grilled, Original, Extra Crispy or Mixed?
Me: Mixed.
Cashier: *pushes a button* Uhhhhh hold on, I'm stuck
She calls another cashier over who tells her to push 7 grilled 7 original.
Cashier: Ok. What sides?
Me: Oh you can change them?? (the sign clearly said 2 mashed, 1 coleslaw) Can I get one mashed and corn on the cob? Can I get corn? (I though corn might be extra)
Cashier: It comes with corn
Me: ...... I don't think it comes with corn.
Cashier: Yeah it comes with 4 corns.
Me: Ok then I'll take potato wedges.

She punches everything in and I pay and step down to wait for it to be made. I get my bag of food, check it and see there's no coleslaw (or corn but I pretty much knew that already). I grab another cashier and ask her if I changed one of the mashed potatoes to an order of wedges did that mean I didn't get my coleslaw? She looks back over my order and says No, that the cashier gave me the meal with 2 sides. The sign never said anything about a 2 side option and I paid the price on the board that lists 3 sides. Seems like they're trying to scam people if they just jipp you a side with out asking. I finally got my food and left but it the whole experience was just a pain in the ass.
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