kittycat33 (kittycat33) wrote in bad_service,

need closure on the Dell story?

only a little bit of bad service in here- if it doesn't belong here, feel free to delete.

I got so mad at Dell that I sent a pretty nasty e-mail, and got an e-mail back with someone again offering to "do the needful" for me; and also offering a $90 coupon good at the Dell store.

The next day I spoke to a supervisor in sales, responding to a couple of very angry messages of mine. She said, apparently, someone had gotten so carried away that they had made it look on the record as if I myself had purchased the computer. This is not good on so many levels.

It ended with the supervisor saying that I can contact her directly if I have any future problems. I wrote back to the person offering the $90 coupon, and asked that it please be applied to the recent carrying case that I purchased. She applied $50 to the carrying case and then give me an additional $50 at the Dell store. I know that this is really just a token, but it's enough to make me feel like I can stick with Dell and not need to return the computer, since i do like it; and I'm not sure where I would get a similar one, as it's a top-of-the-line 9200 Inspirion notebook.

Also, I find that the people outsourced in India appear to do better with spoken language rather than written, so I intend to call instead of e-mailing next time.

Forgive the tone of this post, since I'm using voice recognition software that I'm just getting used to; it might kind of sound a little strange.


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