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3 cases of bad service (or wtf service?) in one night?!?!

I just thought this was really, really ridiculous.

Little background: My aunt flew in from FL and her flight was arriving at 1130ish PM. My mom and I left at 1030 to go pick her & her pals up at the airport. My mom didn't wanna drive alone so I go with her, barely being awoke.

Even though it is 1030, it is a Friday night, and all of the places we stopped at were "24 hour" stops. :)

#1: Burger King:

Since I'd just waken up, I ask my mom if we can stop at BK (or any fastfood place along the way.) We come up to a Burger King and I order chicken tenders and onion rings. I've been to this BK before and never had problems. . . however, when I get my food, it's cold. I eat the onion rings first, and figure it's just those that are cold. (I'm a freak and eat foods separately, never together. haha.) So as I begin to eat the onion rings, I say "That's great, these are cold." I laugh about it and my mom asks if I wanna go back, and I say no, it's okay, because I've already eaten some of them and I don't really wanna go through the hassle of her having to get back off the highway, etc. When I finish that and get to the chicken tenders, they are RIDICULOUSLY cold. . . and hard to chew. I'm like WTF? Okay, that, I would have definitely turned around for, but we were already further along and I just shrugged and ate it to the best of my ability.

#2: Dunkin' Donuts:
By now it's 11, and my aunt's flight is supposed to arrive soon. First DD we see (as mom had been up since 5am and tiredness was wearing on her just at that very moment) Mom orders a large regular, receives it, drives off, and waits for it to cool down. About 5-10 mins later, drinks it and says "This tastes weird." She hands it to me and asks me to try it and I'm a little disgusted by it and say "Umm, yeah..." I open the lid and there's nothing but hot water and creme! I laugh and I say "Umm, yeah... you should definitely take this back." She asks why, and I reopen the lid and show her inside. She shakes her head and says "Well, we're going to be late, so let's just keep going."

#2a: We pick my aunt up, aunt's GF and daughter up from the airport. They've been traveling all day and haven't really eaten and are exhausted, so they ask about going to DD. There's one about 10 mins away that's 24 hours (different one) and we stop there. It's just hitting midnight so the cashier asks if we can come back in 5-10 minutes because she has to reset the registers by herself. Registers get reset where I work at midnight everynight, too, so I try to explain to my fam when they all start bitching about it. I don't think this was bad service at all but just included it for the flow factor. My aunt just says "It's okay, lets just go McD's instead."

#3: McDonald's:

We pull up to the window and since I already ate, and mom isn't hungry, just my aunt, her gf, and daughter order. They order 4 double cheeseburgers and two drinks: diet and regular coke. They receive all of this, in tact, buuuut guess what... lol.

We pull out of the lot, and JUST as we're getting on the highway my aunt says "Cold cheese... jeez!" Then my cousin, right behind that comment says, "Cold cheese on a cold hamburger." At this point we're already on the highway headed in the opposite direction, and my mom asks "Do you want me to go back?" They just sigh and say no, since their day has been exhausting and had enough running around. IDK if the gf's burger was cold or not because she never complained... but I just thought it was really, really funny and weird.

In the course of 2 hours, three different fast food services served us food intended to be warm, cold... and instead of a hot coffee, a hot cup of water --- (how do you even mess that up? They brew the coffee!)

Like I said... they were all 24 hour locations, which struck me seriously as WTF. If they were all closing at 11, 12, 1, 2... then it's like "Ok, slightly understandable" because they're reaching the ends of their shifts and are trying to pick up, etc. But when it's 24 hours, it is seriously uhhmmm? I've never received cold food from a fast food place before, though I know it must be pretty common as I've heard lots of complaints. I was, like I said, just a little shocked to see fuck ups three times in a row. LOL. :D
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