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...I Wish I Hadn't Bothered Now...Now Includes Edits!

Right, so this a tale of phone fun.

Let me add some back story to it first. I was trying to call a  certain store which I work for, in the nearest city to me, Lincoln, to investigate when I put my holiday down for since I'm a little brain dead this week what with me going on holiday and being unable to remember what dates I booked. Can't find a number to call anywhere - and since I'm really really new at this lark, I call the number of the back of a letter they sent me.

Cue the UN-fun part.

First I call the Recruitment team - figure if they can't do shit for me, at least they can connect me or at the very least find me someone who CAN give me a number or something.

*ringing sounds*

Rep: Hi, this is the Recuitment team, how may I direct your call?
Me: Hi, I'm trying to get in contact with a certain store, but I can't find the number-
Rep: SURE! LET ME CONNECT YOU TO THE Other Department which sounds suspiciously like something to do with Pharmacy DEPARTMENT!
Me:...I didn't want Pharmacy...

*Cue More Ringing sounds*

Rep: Hi, this is the *Place where technicians and pharmacy people apply*
Me:... I think I've been transferred to the wrong department. 
Rep: Well, who were you trying to find?
Me: I was trying to locate STORE X.
Rep: Okay, I'll transfer you to General Enquires...
Rep: *Connects me before I can say ANYTHING more than "WAI-"...*

*More Ringing Sounds*

Another Rep: HI! *insert blah about directing your call and being helpful*
Me: ...Hi, I wondered if you can help me, I'm trying to get in contact with a certain store, but I keep getting transferred.
Him: Oh. That's odd.
Me: Hmm...
Him: What store did you want to be connected to, then?
Me: Store X.
Him: Store Y?
Me: Store X, sorry.
Him: Okay, I'll transfer you to store Y, thank you for calling!
Him: *Connects*
Me: o.O?

Cue me waiting with no-one answering for twenty minutes before I hang up, because it's expensive,  and all I'm getting is arm ache for my pains.

I finally find a phone number which looks like it could get me through to the right store, and then I call.

Woman on the end of the phone picks up, shrieks down the phone to "PLEASE HOLD!" And proceeds to leave the phone on a counter, when I can hear her talking to people... O.O.... And finally she picks up, works out that she can do a transfer, fucks it up somehow and gets me transferred to Glasses Dept (as in corrective lenses).

They didn't know what the hell to do and transferred me back. HOLD-PHAIL lady picks up again, sends it upstairs where upon my call is mysteriously hung up on and I'm left staring at the phone and wondering how expensive my phone bill is going to be...

Rinse and repeat the last few minutes for being bounced around departments before someone finally gets a clue and calls upstairs to the office, and I get someone who knows what they're talking about.

Oh wait, they're not allowed to access the holiday diary and they advise me to call in tomorrow.

ERM, I'm trying to call ABOUT TOMORROW. I don't want to force the parent to drive me two hours (there and back) if I can't get in contract with anyone.

Finally, I thank her, and say goodbye, because I can't take anymore of this because she's spent the last seven minutes telling me about procedure of holiday booking - and THAT'S NOT WHAT I'M CALLING ABOUT.

I'll just go in tomorrow, but wtf? I need coffee and there is no such thing as an easy time with this company.

Edit: Wasn't sure when I asked them to allocate my holiday time so needed to confirm it, see, because I couldn't remember whether it was the first or the third that I said. The last time I asked about it was two weeks ago at the start of my very first shift. Was bad_memory_and_time_allocation of me to wait until today to ask, but I honestly forgot about the dates until my parent reminded me and then I couldn't remember which date I said.

I didn't know the number of the exact store because I don't have any documents from that place of work, only stuff which is from the recruitment team - first people I called. I've never had reason to call that exact store before - either they've called ME or I've always had to go to the phone department kind of place - not in the store, anyway.

And I didn't know who I needed to talk to, because I just wanted the office at my store - kind of just the store office because I had no idea WHO I was supposed to talk to.

Tags: huh?, lots and lots and lots of words, phone phun
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