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ISP woes

Ah, the joys of having to transfer a DSL line from one apartment to the other!

Quick background : due to certain circumstances, at some point my family's living quarters was divided into two separate apartments in the same building, one on the ground floor, one on the second floor. After my parents' divorce, Dad lived officially downstairs and Mom upstairs. After a while, they each had their own DSL line, with two different ISP.

A few months ago, we realized we'd have to vacate Mom's apartment and use the one on the ground floor. Dad had to move out anyway, and is in the process of finding another place to live. When it came to the DSL issue, it was decided that Dad would cancel his DSL first (or ask to suspend until he gets into his new place) and then Mom could call Mom_ISP and ask for a transfer.

Mom first calls Mom_ISP and gets ISP_Tech, who is not the bad_service, since he was a bit slow but he told her that he needed to know when Dad_ISP was going to be cancelled so that they could activate Mom_ISP in Ground_Apartment. Except Mom would need to call back when she got the date.

Mom thought it wasn't a big deal, and they got the actual date from Dad_ISP. So Mom calls Mom_ISP again, and gets ISP_CSR. And that's a big WTF.

Basically Mom explained that the tech had told her to call back, and that she knew the date (tonight, at midnight, the cancellation would be effective) but she was calling in advance (since tomorrow she wouldn't have a landline to call from anyway, she thought it was better to try and schedule in advance even if she had to wait until next week to get someone) .

The response from ISP_CSR ?

She got really condescending, told my Mom she didnt' need to tell her how to do her job, and was apparently downright nasty. Mom tried to tell her she didn't need her to talk to her like that...



I had heard of customers being asshats, but this o_O ...
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