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Sbarro WTF...a pizza up-sell?

I manged to steal away some time for myself and I was in the local mall today. Naturally I got hungry. I tend to avoid Sbarro because I think their pizza is way overpriced. But whatever; I was in the mood for a slice and resigned myself to pay the piper.

Me: *bows*
UG: Upsell Pizza Girl

Me: Hi, I'll have one slice plain cheese and a diet coke. *goes to pay*
UG: Ok, one combo and a diet coke.
Me: Uh, no. Just the slice. No combo.
UG: It's better if you get a combo.
Me: looks for menu option for combo on the board that lists the food prices, doesn't find it. "Oh? Why is it better?"
UG: It's better if you get a combo. It's better.
Me: *blinks* So, it's more expensive, right?
UG: *looks down* It's 60 cents more.
Me: Uh, no thanks. Just the slice.

Despite the fact that she tried to slip in the combo before I questioned her on it, I kinda felt bad for her just by the look she gave me, which was like a "damn, I really needed this" look. Her boss was watching, and he looked annoyed when I declined. I'm sure he tells them to do that to everyone, so a $3.50 piece of pizza turns into a 6 or 7 dollar meal. Sorry, in this economy, if I decide to get take out from anywhere, no one is slipping "extras" in that I don't want. Who the hell can afford that these days?

I really gotta learn to not eat at that damn mall. =)
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