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Minor WTF service

I just moved, and when I went to the local Gigantic Grocery/Misc. Items Superstore I wasn't planning on buying much: just a shower curtain and liner, so I didn't grab a cart or a basket or anything. However, I'm bad at sticking to plans and ended up grabbing a metric ton of shit that I was struggling to carry around the store. All the carts were kept outside the store, and I didn't see any hand baskets for grabbing so I stood around near the entrance/exit for a minute or two until I saw an employee walk by.

I asked if they would watch my stuff for a second while I ran outside to get a cart while laughing at myself. The girl just looked at me, and said "uh, no actually". I guess she didn't want to be responsible for my stuff, which is fine. But then she just turned around and walked away in the middle of my asking, "Oh, could you possibly...." without letting me finishing "...grab one for me?"

I know it was my fault for planning poorly, but sheesh.

As an end note, though, as I was struggling in the soda aisle to figure out how to hold all my things and grab a 12-pack, I heard a guy behind me say "pardon, aqui!" It was a stocker, pointing at his empty push-cart. I was like "...really?" and he nodded vigorously and put my stuff on the dolly and let me use it to take my stuff up to the registers. I felt silly pushing it around, but really grateful.
Tags: *grocer, happy ending
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