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About My Situation and the BBB

First I was writing a comment reply to the post about the BBB not being helpful, but then decided to put it in a post. I could really use some input and advice.

Here is one of my original posts for background information here in Bad Service:

AND HERE is their crappy BBB report that I found later that day:

Yes, I am quite the stupid for all this, yet... things were supposed to be resolved by now and they aren't.

So things were supposed to be resolved and all better, but of course, that's a pipe dream in the real world.
Here is my letter that I emailed to my local BBB just last week. I'm going to post that because it tells most of the story thus far:

Our Name:
Shannon and Ryan ****

Company's Name:
Eyeglass World
353 N Academy Blvd
Colorado Springs, CO 80909 - 6605
(719) 574-3300

Summary of Situation:

My husband, Ryan and I went into Eyeglass World on December 31, 2004, and ordered myself, Shannon, two pairs off glasses. We left one hour before they closed that day, and they were to be closed all day the next day, January 1, 2005 due to the holiday.

We called Sunday January 2, first thing when they opened so we could cancel our order. The assistant manager, Brian Smith, was rude to us and stated there was NO WAY the order could be canceled.
Then after talking to him during another conversation that same day, he gave us the story that the order can only be canceled when the lenses arrive from Florida to the actual CO store.

My dad, Kerry ****, started helping me out on this case, because Mr. Smith was being rude and uncooperative. He claimed he WAS the manager and the only one higher up than he was the Regional Manager.
So Monday Jan. 2, my dad called the Regional Manager, Gerry Craig in Denver.

Gerry Craig told my dad that I will have to speak with him personally on Tuesday, Jan. 3.
I did call him that date, and he said that he has authorized the actual store manager, Scott McConnehey to resolve this matter. It was then I found out that Brian Smith was only an assistant manager.

I spoke with Scott McConnehey Wednesday Jan. 4.
We reached a compromise where he would price match another deal I found at Walmart. Their price was $184.
When I went to Eyeglass World that day, Mr. McConnehey then said if I were to pay $200, he would give me my original order of glasses. (the original total of my original order at Eyeglass World was for $604.)

They gave me the glasses that day Jan. 4, and my new bill was for $245. The total includes the new $200 glasses deal, plus I'm paying for my eye exam now, a charge for $45.
Mr. McConnehey signed and dated our original receipt stating that we would be getting a refund of $359 on the Visa Check Card that we used to pay with initially.
He also said it will take up to a week for the refund to be processed.

A week and a half went by, and we called Mr. McConnehey on Monday Jan. 17 asking about the refund. He said he will contact the person in charge and get this processed.

One week later, Monday January 24, we called the store again, but found out Mr. McConnehey was on vacation until Wednesday, Jan. 26.

So we waited and called on Friday January 28, and Mr. McConnehey told my husband, Ryan ****, that he will get this refund processed immediately, within 24 hours. And he said he would call our phone number to tell me when it was done.
They never called and our refund has NOT been processed. It has now almost been an entire month, when we were promised the refund would come within one week of January 4.

Thank you in advance for any help you can give us in this matter.
Please contact me, of course, with any questions.

Shannon ****

So there we are. I didn't include the fact that the company would always promise to call us, and would never do so. That's just annoying and too petty to put in a complain, frankly. But it still annoys the crap out of me.

As I said, I emailed this letter to the BBB Monday, January 31, and all I've gotten so far is a reply saying they've received my complaint. (sent on February 2.)

When I talked to US BANK about all this, basically the story I got from them was "Sorry, you lose."
Maybe they can help me now, but who knows. I also used a check card, which basically offers no protection. (Apparently from what they told me on the phone.)

And when I went to the store to pick up my glasses, Mr. McConnehey said that the company is trying to clean up their unsatisfactory BBB record, because they want to be on the NYSE.

The next thing I was thinking about doing is contacting a local news station. One of them has a thing called "Call for Action" that may help me.

Other than that...
Any advice?
Helpful hints?

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