Childlight (childlight) wrote in bad_service,

WTF-ish service for a good laugh

So last week I forgot my lunch and went to McDonald's. I work in a busy area so during the lunch hours all the fast food places are slammed. I pulled into the drive thru line and waited and waited. Cars in line before me and behind me got angry and left. I noticed this one big green landscaping truck was at the speaker and had not moved the entire time. So I pulled out of line, parked and went inside to order. Walking across the parking lot I saw the truck was still there but no cars were at either window. As I got my food I asked the cashier if something was wrong with the drive thru line. She asked "no why" So I told her it had not moved at all and explained how that same truck had not moved. And at this another woman spoke up that this was why she has also parked and come inside. Then the trucked pulled up to the window. So I said "oh there he is". The cashier then told us that trucks that big don't set off their drive thru alarm so they don't know that they are there.

So I just had to wonder. Its their busiest time of the day...the time when the drive thru is always busy. But they did not notice that for who know how long there was no activity at all on the drive thru. LOL

I got my food, the employees were helpful, so again not bad service. But odd enough that I hope its acceptable.
Tags: *fast food, ^wtf
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