Lady Norbert (ladynorbert) wrote in bad_service,
Lady Norbert

Minor hospital wtf

Just got this story secondhand from my mother, who took her 81-year-old aunt to the emergency room yesterday.

Mom said she and Aunt Edie sat with the admitting nurse, who asked Aunt Edie to describe her symptoms. She spent a few minutes going into detail about the vomiting, how she hadn't been able to keep anything down since sometime on Sunday and how she tried to eat a little oatmeal but she couldn't even swallow it properly because her gag reflex was already rejecting it and how she threw up three times just walking from her apartment to the car.

Without missing a beat, and in perfect seriousness, the nurse inquired, "Any vomiting?"

Mom said she and Aunt Edie were both shocked into silence, because it was obvious that the nurse hadn't paid a lick of attention to anything Aunt Edie had said.

(They did have a good chuckle later with a different nurse, who asked Aunt Edie if she takes any street drugs. The nurse laughed right along with them and said, "I'm sorry, I have to ask.")
Tags: *medical/pharmacy, lazy worker
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