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On not reading signage...

This began as a comment on the below post about McDonald's employee who argued with the customer about an Egg McMuffin sign, but it got a bit long...
Once my boyfriend and I were at a laundromat returning our deposit card (moving out of the area) and the guy hands us $3 (the price of the deposit).
My boyfriend, nice as pie just said, "oh, there was some remaining balance on that".
Laundromat guy: "We don't refund balances, are you sure you wouldn't like to wash some clothes?"
Now I've NEVER been the kind of person that speaks up about mistakes in shops unless they are fairly likely to bankrupt me (Social anxiety type thing, yeah I know it hinders me) but keep in mind this guy is standing right next to a giant sign that states that yes, indeed, they return balances under $10  on cards, in addition to the deposit). So I speak up, and read the exact text of his sign out to him. He looks at it, and sighs heavily, and is like "FINE, WHATEVER, I'll do it THIS TIME." As though he is doing us the biggest favour in the world by doing his job. Then he hands us another $3. We're pretty sure there was more on our card than that, since the balance was $9 at the conclusion of our last visit there, and the chances that magical pixies used our laundry card to wash their magical pixie clothes in the intervening few days seems slim, but because he had the card in his possession at this point, we were unlikely to be able to obtain proof, and he hadn't shown us much inclination towards cooperation with us, so we just decided not to waste any more time on the guy.

tl;dr: Laundromat guy doesn't know the policies of his own workplace, gives customers major attitude when they ask for what they're entitled to.

edited to add chunk of text LJ deleted for some reason :S

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