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Quizno's... they are dour.

This isn't really major b_s, but the people at Quizno's in South Park could really use a lesson in customer service.  

My mom, my dad, my best friend Shannon and me all went there for a lunch break while we were moving me into my new apartment today.  As soon as we got in, the employee rolled her eyes and shuffled up to the counter.  My dad stepped up to order, and she had the most bored look on her face.  Every time she would ask him what size he wanted or if he wanted white or wheat bread she would mumble it, roll her eyes and sigh.  Then she asked if there were any more sandwiches.  He said "yes, there will be three more--" *gestures towards us girls*  "--we're all together."  Cue sigh.  I step up and say hello.  She just stares at me.  Ooookay.  I order.  I ask for no ranch on my turkey bacon guacamole.  "Whatever, you can get stuff on it down there."  Um, okay?  That's not what I said, but sure.  Then she asks:  "Any more sandwiches?"  I say  "Yes, all four of us are together."  My mom asks how big the medium is and the girl was like "It's EIGHT INCHES, it SAYS that right on the COUNTER."  Okay, maybe it does, but damn, cool your jets.  THEN AGAIN SHE ASKS IF THERE WILL BE ANY MORE SANDWICHES.  I point to my dad, myself, my mom, and Shannon and say loudly, "We.  Are all.  Together.  On.  One.  Order."  I'm not the type to be a dick to sandwich workers, but fucking christ. 

The other girl down the counter was no better.  She was downright dour.  Didn't look at anyone, didn't ask if we wanted anything else on the sandwiches, just slapped them together and practically threw them at us.  No eye contact, no "thanks", no "here you go", nothing.  Ugh. 

I know it's not major, but I was just like... damn I know working in food service isn't fun, I've been there, but holy crap, you work at Quizno's.  People are not screaming at you all day because their insurance claim was denied, or because they are outraged at the price of postage, or because you're foreclosing on their house.  Your job could suck a lot more, try not to be such a dick.
Tags: *fast food, bad training, can you hear me now?, deli/sandwich shop, line breaks please!, om nom nom, uncaring service, you gotta speak up
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