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WTF? Overreact much?

Not really bad service, but it definitely caused me to go somewhere else rather than stay and see if things would get worse.

I'm a night owl, so I decided 3:30 am was a good time to go get myself a fountain coke. There are dozens of convenience stores around, but only two that sell Coke products. One is miles away and will charge $1.50 for a 44 ounce coke, and the other is just a mile away, and will charge $.59 for a 44 ounce coke. Easy decision, right? So I grab the Jeep keys and my purse, and head out.

I pulled into their tiny lot, pulled most of the way across it, and backed into a parking spot off to the side of the building, as I usually do. I wasn't driving any slower or faster than normal, just average. I hopped out, and headed for the door, where the clerk turned around, and with a snotty tone, said, "Next time, could you NOT peel out backwards at 40 miles an hour at our wall?!"     I just raised an eyebrow, and she said, "Well, it scared me." So, I told her, "Fine, I'll just go somewhere else." and turned and left. She followed me outside, but I don't know if she said anything else. I just hopped back in the Jeep and drove off. 

Now, I'm bored, so I looked the place up on googlemaps... and viewed the satellite picture, and really, I would have to have made a MAJOR effort to be going 40 backwards in their lot. So I took a screen shot and thought I'd show you.

Their parking lot is what's in the red, and the arrow is pointing to a car parked where I backed the Jeep in.

Is it bad that I'm ever so slightly tempted to go drive into their wall at 40 MPH to show her what that would REALLY be like? Not that I would, but there is just a teensy bit of me that wishes I could.

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