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Best Buy bad service.

My mom just told me this story earlier today and I thought it was hilarious.

Two years ago, my brother bought a $2000, 42" TV at a Best Buy in New Hampshire (where he was living.) He also purchased a 4 year warranty plan for $400. Recently, his TV just stopped working so he took it to a Best Buy here in Massachusetts and stated that he'd like to exchange it. He went through five different associates before he wound up talking with the store manager, who refused to exchange the TV because the TV had "depreciated in value" and he wanted to tack on a $900 bill to my brother's name for the exchange. They wanted to give him a TV which was not similar at all to the one he was exchanging, and he said that he wouldn't accept it. The store manager said that he was not going to budge and that if my brother wanted to pursue this, he could go to several other Best Buys in surrounding cities until he found one with a manager who would honor his exchange.

At this point, my brother sat his ass on the customer service desk and told the manager, "You might as well buy me dinner because I'm not leaving until I get a new TV." (This entire situation ended up taking two hours.) Then my brother asked the store manager who his district manager was. He said "I don't have to tell you that. Go somewhere else and find another manager to do this for you, like I said. I'm not doing this." My brother then said "Well, if you don't want to tell me then I'll just ask ______ (insert name of person, who was store manager of this Best Buy before the guy currently running it took over.) Or, I could ask _____ (enter another associate's name who worked for that Best Buy.)" My brother is a fairly popular person, as he was store manager of a very successful Wal-Mart in MA before he moved to NH, and now manages Staples (which is near the Best Buy he stopped in at.) Immediately after the store manager realizes my brother CAN find out the district manager and report the way he's acting and dealing with the situation, he agrees to exchange the television for a 46" flat screen, and also offers to mail a $50 gift card to my brother's address.

I still say my brother should contact the district manager. I've never heard of place who would refuse to guarantee a warranty, especially when it was only 2 years into the X year plan. I envy my brother for not backing down and not being a belligerent asshole about it, too. I wish I had the balls to act that way if I ever got dicked over, but I'm too easy a push over. I'd be more comfortable writing a letter than actually confronting a manager and challenging them.

EDIT: Talked to my brother. They tried to repair the TV two weeks prior but they couldn't do anything about it. Since he had the 4 year warranty and they couldn't fix the TV, he was eligible to get an exchange for one, however they wanted him to either pay $900 for the difference in the new TV, because they said the TV had depreciated in value.
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