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More Subway bad service

This is concerning a Subway in Shediac, N.B. Canada.

We were on our way home from a vacation last Sunday and still had quite a bit of driving to do. We had stopped in Shediac to get a break from driving and went to the beach, so we were extra hungry from swimming. Starving, we head to Subway. This was around dinner time, about 6PM.

There are four people behind the counter and three other customers: a lone woman, and a french speaking couple (this is relevant). My partner and our friend got in line and I went to the washroom. I asked him to order for me because I figured I may not be out in time. Cut to a few minutes later and the single lady is still in the same spot in line, has not gotten past her bread and meat. I stand and we wait. One of the employees is opening and closing the bread oven, one is at the cash waiting to serve the next person, one is standing with gloves on doing nothing but saying they are out of XYZ and the sandwich artist is doing everything but making this woman's sandwich. I also noted they barely had any bread. A couple loaves of honey oat and a few white.

This goes on for several minutes until they finally get to the french speaking couple. Bread man switches places with the girl previously making the sandwiches and after some time of staring at the bread oven she goes out back. The couple are having difficulty ordering. They are searching for words in English as the gentleman addressed them in English, but can't quite find them so they order in French. This is a francophone town, mind you. He understands them it seems, but does not address them in French, nor asks any of the other employees to do so (I am familiar enough with the area to know that it is highly unlikely that none of the staff present spoke French).

A 5th employee appears and tries to serve me. All the while the guy serving the French couple keeps repeating himself, because the couple are having a hard time understanding. I move past the couple because I was just getting a veggie. She completes my sandwich and disappears into the backroom.

I was getting a meal deal and wanted cookies, but they had none. They also did not have the usual variety of chips. I am paying and notice the man serving the french couple is standing holding a sandwich and staring at the toaster. There appears to be nothing in the toaster. After a few moments the employee standing with gloves on tells him they need more XYZ and he puts the sandwich down and goes to grab whatever it was she said they needed.

I exit the store and sit in the car with our other friend. We chatted and I finished my sandwich. I suspect about 20 minutes has gone by since I got in the car. He gets tired of waiting and goes for a stroll. My partner and his friend eventually come out of the store. Apparently the woman standing with gloves on continued to stand with gloves on barking orders at the lady who served me. Bread guy served my partner and friend in slo-mo while the other two were nowhere to be seen.

TLDR Inefficient Subway is inefficient. Lack of bread, cookies, and chips during suppertime in busy tourist town. French couple not served in French in a French town. Almost an hour to make 6 subs for 3 groups of people.
Tags: canada, deli/sandwich shop
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