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Who knew US Airways/United Airlines played tennis?

Ok so I experienced some rather frustratingly bad customer service between U.S. Airways and United Airlines today. I'm a college student getting ready to embark on a trip to study abroad in Tokyo, Japan, and have since had a flight booked since February (I leave in August). Today I got an email stating I had a change to my itinerary. Nothing crazy, just my originating flight leaving a bit earlier than before. Regardless, I had to confirm it with the airline as to avoid any hassle when I arrive at the airport. Much to my dismay, when I attempted to confirm it online it wouldn't let me. No worries, I can do it over the phone with a representative.

I got on the phone with U.S. Airways, as that's who I booked the flight with despite the fact that I'm flying on United Airlines planes. The first person I got was very nice, and informed me that she would transfer me to the international flight department, as she could only handle domestic flights, which was fine. After a short wait, I received a rather huffy representative from the international flight department. A script ensues:

Me: Hi there, my name is starletxx and I have a flight leaving Philadelphia and arriving at Tokyo on this day. My confirmation number is this.
Rep 1: -typetypetype- -huff- You know that this flight is on a United Airlines plane right?
Me: Yes, but I booked through U.S. Airways and paid through...
Rep 1: -cuts off- This is not our matter I'm going to connect you to them.
-line drops-

I was really surprised by this, and was confused as to why they'd be transferring me to United Airlines. Sure I know I'm flying on their plane, but they're not the ones I paid. So eventually I am picked up by a rep for United Airlines. I explain the situation and also tell her that I'm not sure why they connected me with them, as I booked through U.S. Airways. I start to give her my information and I'm immediately cut off again:

Rep 2: You know this isn't our matter. I don't know why they connected you with us. Did you explain this to them?
Me: I did, and they didn't seem to listen.
Rep 2: They're so -frustrating-. I'm going to call their representatives and keep you on the line.

The rep from United Airlines was very short and snippy and seemed super aggravated that I was transferred to her, and after a few moments, the representatives from both United Airlines and U.S. Airways are bickering with one another while I'm still on the line!

United Airlines: I don't know why you connected her to us. Her flight has nothing to do with us.
U.S. Airways: She is flying on your planes and...
United Airlines: -cuts off- But you're the ticketing agency and...
U.S. Airways: -cuts off- We cannot confirm that flight and...
Me: meep?

So here I am in the middle, trying to just confirm my flight and they're arguing with one another about whose responsibility it is to update my itinerary. Neither representative had my information up, as United Airlines couldn't pull it up and I couldn't get a word in edgewise as they exchanged words. The United Airlines representative hangs up abruptly, leaving me to try and deal with a very wound up U.S. Airways representative. After taking down all of my information again, he then informs me I should be speaking with an international flight representative. -headdesk- I'm back, once again, where I started.

Fortunately, I got a very competent representative that confirmed everything in 5 minutes and I'm all set now to take off, but after 25 minutes of transferring on the phone, I'm left with a migraine as a reminder.

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