Kylyn Blair (kittenxtits) wrote in bad_service,
Kylyn Blair

Panera Bread question?

Funny that this is going to be the second post about PB in the last two days. Mine is short and contains much less suck, but I have a question for anyone who works at/knows anything about them.

My boyfriend and I go to Panera pretty often, to three different locations in our area. Every single time, he orders a large frozen lemonade. Every single time, they repeat the order back and charge him the correct amount. Then, the cashier, who just verified the order, will go to make his drink. And every--single--time, they give him a small. Doesn't matter where it is, every single location and every single employee has done it.
So he'll politely point it out, and the employee will apologize and quickly make him a brand new one in the correct size, and let us keep the small, which I think is very nice... mostly because I end up getting the original one every time :]

It's just funny that it happens constantly. Is there some reason for this that we're missing? It's not like they don't have it in their computers-- we've looked at the receipts, and they've very plainly stated "1 FZ LEMON LG @ 3.79". What's going on, Panera??
Tags: *bad service turned good, ^annoyance, ^wtf, deli/sandwich shop, it's only bad service if you die, question, standing like a lemon
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