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:D hello all. i've been peeking at this community for a while, but this is the first time i've run into something so peculiar i felt the need to post. i was hoping others could tell me: was it just me being an idiot? or could it be that i'm EVIL and just dont know it!?

i'm an artist, and last weekend i hosted my first opening in the art community where i live. a few days before, my boyfriend and i were puttering about town, putting up fliers for it in all the flier-friendly places we knew of (every place else we'd asked had been perfectly nice about it, even when they said no). there is this little coffee shop that i'd really liked, they'd even had my cards on their business card table for awhile. i hadn't been able to go for several months but i thought i was hungry and they had good sandwiches and it was a good place to post about artsy goings-on.
so in we went.

i asked the woman behind the counter if they still had their common board. she right off gave me a look that was kind of out of proportion with the question, like i'd just offered to get her a great deal on a used car stolen from a drug dealer. she told me that she'd need to approve it and that the board was only for customers. now, if she'd said the board was only for regulars, or that it was full, that would have been fine. but i figured....i'm a customer. i've been in here quite a few times. i tell other people about them. we're about to order lunch. so i said, "okay" and handed her the flyer. she took it, looked me over, and asked, "You've been in here before?"
i said yes.
she raised her eyebrows and said, in this TONE: "Oh yeah, when??"
that suprised me. i told her i'd been in before with my mother, though it had only been maybe a couple times in the past year because i'd moved.
the woman launched into a long explanation about how people take advantage of them their space and clutter up their board with all sorts of junk and they leave it there forever and just seemed so generally put-out that i offered to take the damn flier back. she said no, put it up, but i had to be back to get it the VERY DAY AFTER THE EVENT, NO LONGER!! (or what, i don't know.) i ended up just ordering a coffe and got out of there as fast as i could, she'd made me feel like Gollum in the Forbidden Pool.

i couldn't get back to get the flier until the Tuesday afternoon after he show (because i work until after they close), and when i walked in it had already been taken down. so i went up to the woman who was at the counter again and told her i was the one with the art flier and i was late, but i HAD come back for it. she glared at me and told me it had been taken down FOR me *glareglare* and launched into a rather loud rendition of the shop policy rant she'd given me the other day (complete with angst towards people who put up LOST DOG fliers and never take them down!! OH ARRGH ARRGH...)

i said, fine. and i was sorry. BUT: it was just that the last time i was in, she'd really made me feel terribly uncomfortable and it was not the nicest experience to have someone imply that you're a liar in front of their friends over a sheet of paper on a cork board, and that might not be the most professional way to enforce shop policy or keep customers.
that really fired her up.
she said "I've worked here THREE YEARS and i've never seen you!"
Me: "Are you the only one who works here?"
Her: "No...but I'm usually around!"
Me: "Okay. Because the last time i was in before i met you, i was served by a college age guy with blond hair. there was a heavy-set girl with tribal tattoos once too and the skinny guy behind the bagel counter..."
and she said: "But i'm around a lot and i've never seen you!"
aaaand i took that as my cue to walk out the back entrance because really when the point has been missed,why argue?
but she must have WANTED to because she FOLLOWED me out the back door telling me that it's just their shop policy and it was FINE if i didn't want to come back there and i've NEVER been there before and...i don't know what else because i got in my car and left.

so much for my favorite cute little coffee shop.

i mean...was it just me? was my flier truly evil? was i really so out of line?
she was scary.
but damn, they made good chai tea *pouts*
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