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So. I'm really confused about this, hope people can give me some advice on it.

Here's what went down:

Our garbage service hasn't picked up in weeks. Almost three to be exact. Yes, I should have called the first week, but there seems to be a ton of things coming up and things fell by the way side, until I finally got to call them last night.
First off, even though my fiance pays the bill, has his name on the account and everything, they REFUSED to talk to him. Even hung up on him! They only wanted to speak to me...but no? They needed to talk to HIM! Not me! But to him? They need to talk to me again! WTF.

FINALLY I get ahold of someone who is willing to talk to me, and after explaining that two payments seemed to have gone through our bank, and after calling them and the bank refused to put a stop payment on it (One payment was done THAT DAY) I needed to know if she could refund our payments and um, WHY haven't we had pickup for the last few weeks??

We don't have service with them anymore, it seems! SUPRISE! Since the last week of JUNE. DOUBLE SUPRISE. OH! And it was because we had an 82 dollar amount go to COLLECTIONS! TRIPLE SUPRISE!! We recieved NO letter stating anything...about the cancelation of services, about having anything go to collections, or even having an overdue bill! 

The lady is sympathetic, and informs us she can see the first payment from this month, and will return the amount of overpay to us. I ask about the recent payment, telling her abou tthe bank stating it was already posted and THEY had no way to get it. Lady says "We have nothing posted here...but if it does show up, I'll bounce it right back to you." I thank her...but feel like "Wait, how can you not have the payment, but the bank doesn't this some sort of purgatory for payment?!"

So this morning my sig other calls the bank. He informs them of what I told him (IE: Garbage Co. says they have no payment as of yet, blah blah blah) and he gets this from the agent: "Oh well had you called yesterday, we could have stopped payment on that!"
Him: "I did call. I was told to call the garbage company."
Her: " we can't do anything it's not in our grasp!"
Him: "I was told that yesterday, but you just said it COULD have been resolved?"
Her: "..."
Him: *hands me the phone*
Me: "Um. hi. *explains what's going on* And it kinda feels like we're in a tennis match here. We're told to call you, and you tell us to call the company, and they tell us to call you what's going on?"
Her: "Welll...ummmm....*awkward silence*"
Me: Basically, when can we expect the money back in our account?
Her: "Well, it should post to them in 2-4 days..."
Me: "So basically our money is in limbo."
Her: "You could say that!!! teehee!"
Me: "Thank you very much..." *Hangs up*

So: We're told to call the bank, as this is a bank matter. NOPE! Call the company! We do. ((I will say the lady was very polite and incrediably stunned we hadn't been informed of anything...and personally took responsibility). But she says since they don't have the posted payment, the bank has jurisdiction...but the bank doesn't...but they DID yesterday...when we DID call...*facepalm*

This really sucks because I'm going down to the shore for a few days and we're out some extra money...

Basically: What is going on, is this usual, and can I expect the money to come back or will I be in for a fight??
Tags: *banking/finance, emo comments, government agency, phone phun, question
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