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Dry Cleaner Pissing me off story

This is in the midst of happening so I might be back to update...

I go to this great wash and fold place in Atlanta because I don't have a washing machine or dryer. The people who work there speak little English but taking your clothes to be washed doesn't really require a lot of communication, or so I thought.

I noticed a new sign outside that said Dry Cleaning 10pcs, 21.99. I had a few things I needed to have dry cleaned so the next time I brought my laundry I also brought my dry cleaning stuff. That morning there was a different person working (it's usually a woman, this time it was a man). I brought in my regular clothes and brought my bag of dry clean only clothes up to the counter. I said I had 10 pieces and wanted to get the special and he seemed to understand. It was a little uncomfortable because even when I was giving him my name he had no idea what I was saying. But he wrote me out a ticket that said 10 items and I told him I'd be back tomorrow.

I actually came back 2 days later and was happy to find the woman working again because she's a little more easy to understand. I paid for my wash and fold and she said the dry cleaning would be done tomorrow but that it was going to be more like 40 dollars because I had brought in 10 dresses. I mentioned the special and she said "oh, well the dresses count as two items." How was I suppose to know that? I told her that had I known that I wouldn't have brought 10 dresses and that since no one told me I didn't think I should have to pay the extra amount. We agreed that I would pay 30, I got a receipt that said i had paid and said I'd be back tomorrow.

It's the next day, I go grab my dry cleaning. Even with everything bagged up I noticed a giant men's sweater wasn't mine so I went back in and gave it to them. CUE ME NOT REALIZING THIS IS A HUGE RED FLAG. Yes I should have checked all my stuff then but I didn't. I didn't check until I got home and THEN I realized two of my favorite dresses were missing. GAH! I call and get the woman's son. I find out from him that they don't do the dry cleaning there, they take it somewhere else to be cleaned. He said he'll call there and call me back.

He calls back and says they'll spend the whole next day looking for it. I'm bummed but what can I do. When he doesn't call me back the next day I call him and get his mother who relays to me that they couldn't look because it was Saturday. I tried to ask what that had to do with anything but again, we weren't understanding one another. She said call back Monday.

YESTERDAY! They called and they found my dresses I'm so happy. They will bring them to the wash and fold place by Tuesday (today) afternoon.

TODAY! I get a call. Whoops, they forgot to bring them but they swear they have them. They'll call me tomorrow when they come in. I tell the son very clearly that I'm not at all satisfied and that had I known they took their clothes to another location to have them cleaned I would have never used their service. He apologizes and I try to no customer_suck.

I'm going to ask for my $30 back when I go in tomorrow, if they remember to being my dresses that is.

TL,DR: Dry cleaning costs more than expected, then dry cleaning is lost, then dry cleaning is found, but forgotten. Angels cry.
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