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Chai Latte Hell

My local Panera Bread is usually great. The people are nice, friendly and helpful, and the food is always wonderful. I am starting to realize that after 8pm, this service deteriorates. Seriously, it's like they have a few people that they put on for the last two hours who have never even worked anywhere before.

I was on break from work at 8pm, and I decided to stop into Panera to get a sandwich, some soup and a chai latte.

This is what happened next.

I went up to the counter. There was one lady working there, who I had never seen before.

Lady: Hi, what can I get you?
Me: Hi, can I please have a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, a cup of French onion soup, and an iced chai latte? (I said this all fairly slow)
Lady: Wait, wait, wait. Can you repeat that?
Me: (at this point I figured she was new, so I had no problem, and slowed my speech down) *repeats*
Lady: *stares blankly at the register* I'm sorry, I don't even know where the peanut butter and jelly button is.
Me: Oh, that's okay.
Lady: *hits a few random buttons* Um, I just don't know what to do.

At this point I started looking around to see if I could find anyone to help. She obviously needed some help with the register. There was no one in sight. About a minute of silence went by.

Lady: *yells* Steve, how do I put a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in the register?
Steve: *comes out from out back* You have to run it as a cheese sandwich.

He then goes out back.

Lady: Is that all?
Me: (I'm assuming she got everything I ordered) Yes, thanks.

I pay her and a moment goes by. A girl comes out of the kitchen and looks at the lady who was helping me.

Girl: There is no more jelly. We're out of jelly.
Lady: Oh, oops. (she turns to me) Do you just want peanut butter?
Me: Uh, no. I'll just get a bagel instead.
Lady: Well, that's a little more than the sandwich.
Me: That's fine, I'll just pay you the difference.
Lady: I don't know how to do that. I'll refund you your money and we'll do the order over.

I sigh, but whatever, she's the only person on register and if she knows how to do it this way, we'll do it this way. She gives me my money back, and a second later, I hand her that very same money with an extra dollar attached.

Lady: You can wait at that counter down there now.

I walk to the counter where the food is being prepared. A minute goes by.

Girl who came over earlier: Hi, we're out of French onion soup. Did she tell you that?
Me: No, she didn't.
Girl: What the hell. (she walks over and yells at the other lady and then comes back) You're going to have to go over there to change your order if you want more soup.
Me: Can I just tell you what kind of soup I want instead? (all soup is the same price)
Girl: Uh, what soup?
Me: Chicken noodle.
Girl: Okay, just go tell her that over there.

Um, what the hell? You make the soup. The soup is right in front of you. Now I have to go back over there and go through the money exchange all over again?

As I'm walking away, confused and bothered, Steve comes out from out back. I quickly get his attention and tell him what's going on. He nods and tells the girl at the food counter to just give me chicken noodle soup. I thank him and go back to stand by the food counter. At this point, Steve leaves the restaurant completely.

The girl gives me my soup and bagel. She says for me to have a good night.

Me: Um, I also had an iced chai latte.
Girl: A whatta latte?
Me: An iced chai latte.
Girl: She didn't tell me that.
Me: I paid for it over there.
Girl: Okay, I'll make it for you now.

She goes over to the drink area and literally stands and stares at something for about a minute. She then turns back to me.

Girl: Okay, what do you want?
Me: An iced chai latte.

Keep in mind I have ordered this drink hundreds of times at Panera Bread. It's on the menu, it's not even anything special or different from what's on the menu.

Girl: Um... *she pours some liquids into a cup and then puts them into a blender*

At this point I am really worried - chai lattes don't get blended, they're just coffee/tea with ice in them.

She hands me a drink a second later, I take a sip. It's a chocolate milkshake.

Me: Excuse me, this isn't what I ordered.
Girl: It's a chocolate latte.
Me: I wanted an iced chai latte. (I am usually a very patient person but this was starting to really bother me, so my voice might have risen a little)
Girl: Fine, give me the chocolate latte.

I hand her back the milkshake and she starts to make something else, which she also pours into the blender.

Me: An iced chai latte doesn't get- (my words are drowned out by the blender)

I have seen them prepare this drink many, many times. It is not blended.

She hands me a drink that is very pale. I am a little nervous to try it but I do. It is a chai milkshake. I must have laughed a little, because she walked off.

I decided to just take my chai milkshake, whatever. I wouldn't have enough time to eat and get back to work if I waited for her to make the right one.

As I started for the door, she called:

"Don't forget your chocolate latte!"

I laughed all the way out the door.

What is a chocolate latte?!
Tags: "greatest" cashier evar!, anti-theft tags, deli/sandwich shop, wank

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