kittycat33 (kittycat33) wrote in bad_service,

regarding my last post...

yeah, dude- i got a dell; and my theory is that the last email may have come from the former spokesdude.

one thing i've learned the hard way- just because a company is the biggest name out there doesn't mean it's good (or even halfway decent). for example, an antivirus software that starts with "m" ends with "e" and has a "cafe" in the middle.

btw, almost immediately after i made the original post, i got an email to my addy (which should be clear from the very address that it is mine) addressed to my mother.

if it wasn't such a nice computer and a gift, i'd think maybe about trying somewhere else. my other one is a gateway, which isn't much better, but they sure as hell are not as bad as dell seems to be.
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