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Minor Bed and Breakfast fail...

So, the boyfriend and I wanted to get out of the city for a little while, so we headed upstate in to the Hudson River Valley for a weekend at a B&B.

Now, this started out wonderfully. We got there, checked in and met the couple the ran the place/the neighboring antique shop, bought a bottle of champagne, had a nice dinner on the river, went back to our room, did all the romantical things a young couple in love would do on a weekend alone with a huge, fluffy, queen-sized canopy bed. After that, we basically drank copious amounts of wine and watched Arrested Development on Hulu until three in the morning.
Woke up. I look at the alarm clock. Blank.
Try to turn on the lamp on the side table. No dice.
TV? Nuh-uh.
Boyfriend calls the proprietors and lets them know that the power is out.
Okay, a tree fell down behind the B&B, knocking out power for the entire block. Okay, fair enough, not their fault.
We shower, get dressed, and go downstairs. We talk to the couple who, at this point, are still very pleasant. They recommend a creperie/cafe (crepes are my boy's favorite thing in the world, so we weren't complaining) since the power was out and I was a zombie without my coffee. They also sell us two tickets for a river cruise at a discounted price. My boy was low on cash, but their credit machine wasn't working (obviously, power issue), so he pays with cash anyway.
We leave and have a nice day.
Now, I don't know if maybe they peeked in on our room while we were gone(there were clothes everywhere at this point because this was our vacation and we wanted to be lazy - mind you, I had intended on making the place tidy before we left so they wouldn't have to do much) or if they got mad that we drank all the sherry (there was like four glasses worth in a bottle in the fridge, not a whole fucking bottle), but Jesus CHRIST, they had sticks up their asses from that point onward.
While the boy and I are on the cruise, we have an idea - since his checking account was dwindling after paying $400 for the weekend on the room alone (I've paid a lot less for a condo rental on Florida beaches) and therefore couldn't take out cash, and since their machine was out when we tried using it, maybe we could see if they could run the tickets we bought as credit and get the cash back. Simple enough, right?
The husband of the couple greeted us quite coldly when we came back from the cruise, telling us the power came back on fifteen minutes after we left the B&B. We brought up our suggestion to him and he was taken aback. Like seriously offended. Apparently, it would cost them a small fee to run the credit transaction. After paying $400 for our room and the small inconvenience of the power being out this morning, you would think that wouldn't have been an issue, but it was. I guess maybe if I ran my own B&B, I would have at least thought that to myself, not gotten angry at my lodgers for bringing something like that up. And besides the fact that they wouldn't have had an issue if they'd run it as credit if the power was on. I do not get it.

ANYWAY, fast forward to the next day, during check-out. My boyfriend went downstairs to ask them to call a cab while I finished washing the dishes, folding the towels we had used, making the bed, and doing little things to make their job easier. The only think I left behind was the stemware, simply because I am paranoid about breaking champagne flutes when I wash them. And that would have sucked. So I left a note apologizing for not doing it, just so it didn't seem like we were complete slobs. Again, at $400 for the weekend... they should have fucking made our breakfast instead of just having it in the room for us to make. Hell, they should have hand-dried us with those towels, but I digress... I did everything within my power to make sure we left so we could come back if we wanted to and they would appreciate our business.

So boyfriend comes back up so we can check out. We grab our bags and head downstairs. They say barely two words to us while we wait outside for the cab. Then finally the wife pipes up and looks at the ground and says "So, what were you guys up to last night? Sounded like you were having a party up there."
WHAT? It was me and my boyfriend. We didn't do fucking anything beyond 9pm that made any sort of noise beyond snuggling on the sofa and watching Scrubs. Granted, he and I did have sex a couple times, but HEELLLOOOOOOOOO what the fuck else do you expect couples to do when they come to your B&B? Maybe next time I can sleep on the futon and my boyfriend can sleep on the nice big Queen-sized bed alone. Yes, my idea of a romantic getaway.

Regardless, boyfriend and I both got the same impression from them, so we've decided not to do B&Bs anymore. Because you really have to deal with the people that run the place, clean the place, and live in the place all the time. It's not just a staff who you smile to and get along with your day.

Okay, maybe I just needed to vent, but the whole reason we went to a B&B was for the personality, attention to detail, and quaintness. I got none of that for the last half of our trip, just bitterness. Jesus.
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