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HORRIBLE student loan service

Backstory:  June 2009 I graduated from my community college. However, I had finished my last semester in December (the college only holds graduations every spring. I had wanted to be able to go right from graduation to university, but spring graduation meant holding off and not starting until fall. Okay...fine. I get the whole spring semester off to relax, and to work to make some money. So, I call my student loan center in December, telling them that I was graduating in the spring, had been accepted to a new university, but they would not have me marked as "attending"until I had a diploma in my hand (stupid i know, and i COULD have just gotten my diploma, but i wanted to go through the commencment exercises since it was my first college graduation). Anywho, I was told that that was fine, as long as i was accepted into another college and was going to be going in the fall I would not have to start paying them.

Fast forward to May. A bill comes in the mail for $100. I call them up and explain. The person on the phone apologizes, and takes the charge away, saying it was a mistake and they are aware I am accepted to another school and will be attending in the fall. Great, no charge. Fast forward to July. I get home from my mail...ANOTHER BILL. It's too late at night to call, so i plan to call the next day as I am getting out of work earlier. Open the mail, A SECOND BILL. So i have two $50 bills owed to them. I call right away and explain the entire situation asking for a verbal forbearance. They guy apologizes for the mistake and that the forbearance wasn't granted to me in the first place. He tells me that it may be because the school's havent updated their systems yet, but come August the system should be updated and I shouldn't get anymore charges. He says he will give me a forbearance until the beginning of August b/c by then the system should be updated, but to call around then anyway just to make sure and if its not updated I will get another forbearance. So, I'm thinking everything is hunky-dory. I don't have to pay the two charges they are saying I am owing and I have a forbearance.

Friday I get ANOTHER bill in the mail, saying my forbearance began and ended on the same day (the day that I called). WTF?! 
So i call AGAIN today, and explain everything to the guy. Now, he sounds EXTREMELY bored on the phone, asking me to hold on for a second while he puts the phone down and has a chat with the person next to him, and at one point calls me "sir". ( a girl...and I know for a fact i have a high pitched girly wth?).

So, after THREE TIMES of explaining to him that I am registered in classes and they start august 31 (for some reason he was very confused about the fact school starts in summer and that no, i am not enrolling, i am enrolled and have already registered for classes, it is just summr break)  he tells me he is going to give me another forbearance b/c something must have messed up, and that it will last till september. Great, thanks dude. "oh, and if you can pay that $50 that'd be great." 0_o....whaa??? I tell him that the last time I got the forbearance and b/c of their past mistakes I didn't need to pay that $50 and was told by the original guy who'd set me up that as long as i had the forbearance there'd be no worry about paying everything because I would be starting school again in the fall. So he sighs as if i am screwing him out of his pay for the day and says "Okay...well fine. You don't need to worry about it. Your forbearance is till September 20. Any other questions?"

nope...thanks dude... sorry to have bothered you to do your job at your place of work. thumbs down on the studen loan service.
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