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EFFED service from Rent a Center.

I have been renting to own a dell laptop(yeah, I know, but it was my only option at the time) from Rent-a-Center here in Los Angeles, CA.
It was a brand new Dell Inspiron that worked fine until Sept 08., when the battery refused to hold a charge. I didn't want to take it in because I'd heard horror stories about getting wrong items/poor replacements back....but it finally took a turn for the worse in Jan 09. I turned it into the store where they have spent almost 5 months 'FIXING' it. I called consistently, only to be told by the manager that it was still being worked on. I trusted that he was on my side, because in other matters he'd helped me out(loaner computers, payment issues). He said it was the 'repair' people and that he was riding their asses about my computer. I supposedly got my computer back in May, but I was later told it was the wrong unit! I FINALLY get *my* computer back on Sat. July 18, and the wireless doesn't work(won't even detect wireless networks. There are 5 in my office alone), there are parts missing and there is damage to the computer case. I find it rather odd that I get my computer back in deplorable and unacceptable condition right before I make my last payment.
I call the manager on his cell phone 10 minutes after he drops off the computer, as well as leave a message at the store for him to call me back...of course I haven't heard a damn thing.
Furious is an understatement.
Tags: warranty bullshit
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