Amanda Dean (gimpymcgee818) wrote in bad_service,
Amanda Dean

Bad Oil Service

So I went to get my oil changed up the road from my house (Phoenix, AZ). I had made an appointment, but it still took over an hour. That was mildly annoying, but I could deal with it.

But then I left, and was driving around, and suddenly my car smells like something is burning. That is NOT a smell you want coming out of your car. I had no idea what was wrong, and the store was already closed. Thankfully, I had my semi-car savvy friend with me, who looked under my hood and discovered that THEY FORGOT TO PUT THE OIL CAP BACK ON. That burning smell was my engine! They're not open today, so I can't go down there to talk to them and get this all fixed, but I plan on getting it all fixed in the next couple days.

I drove about 40 miles before I realized something was very very wrong with my car. Could that much distance have damaged my engine (I drive a 2006 Toyota Corolla)?

I'll be sure to update after I go talk to the manager. At a minimum, I expect them to reimburse me for the oil cap and oil I had to buy, do an oil change for free, and refund the money I paid for the oil change. And if my engine is damaged, I expect them to pay for that too. Does that sound reasonable?

UPDATE: I went in today. They refunded the oil cap and oil without argument, put new oil in and cleaned the oil off the engine. They also gave me coupons for free oil changes, which I may use, but not at that particular location again. So, it all worked out okay in the end. For those who are curious, it was Fletcher's Auto in Phoenix AZ.
Tags: car/truck repair, helpful comments
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