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My Mum took her and Dad's car to our local branch of ATS recently for two new front tyres. She chose the type she wanted, was told they'd have to be ordered and would be there in two days, and was quoted the price for them (£450) and fitting. All was well.
Two days pass, she goes in that afternoon, and there are no tyres. This is annoying, but the mechanic (Brian) was very helpful and checked up on the order and found out that Pirelli were unable to deliver that morning, but they will be there the next day. Mum agrees to this, and reconfirms the price for just the tyres and fitting.
The next day, the tyres are in, and Mum leaves the car there for a couple of hours for the fitting. When she goes back, she is given a bill for nearly £500. She questions this with the mechanic who did the fitting and identifies himself as the manager (Karl) and is told that the wheels had been re-aligned and she would have to pay for this, despite declining this when it was offered to her in the first quote. Karl told her she could have the money back, but only if he put the wheels back to their "unaligned" placement. Mum panicked a little and decided she would just have to pay to be safe. My Dad knew there was nothing wrong with the wheel alignment, the car having had a full check over only a month ago, and went down to see Karl for a refund. This was refused because it turns out Karl isn't the manager at all, and he has to authorise any refund.
So Dad agrees to come back when the manager is in, and in the mean time takes the car to his usual mechanic to get it looked at. It is put on the ramp, and it is plain (even to me, who knows a grand total of nothing about cars) that the wheel alignment hasn't been touched, due to all the dust on the axles.
Essentially, my Mum was charged for a service that she not only refused to let them do, but was never even done anyway. My Dad is absolutely furious, and has taken pictures as evidence which, along with a letter detailing these events, has been sent to the Area Manager and CEO of the company. We're just waiting to hear back from them now.
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