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A running tally of bad service at Dunkin Donuts

My local Dunkin Donuts has been a regular stop of mine for a couple of years now - through working nights, working there, and my current job. I know the prices, I know the cup sizes, I know how long products take to make. The store itself is on its second new manager since I worked there, and the level of competency has gone way down with the newest manager.

Summary: Burnt food, employees unwilling to read sizes on cups, manager clueless or doesn't care.

When she first took over the store, I distinctly remember pulling into the drive through on a weekday and realized once I'd gotten in the the line was backed up more than normal. Figuring that someone had gone through with a larg-ish food order, I shrugged it off and waited... and waited. Twenty minute drive-thru waits became the norm. Complaints to the manager resulted in platitudes and at one point whining because most of the experienced crew had quit or been fired right before she took over the store.

I skipped a few days of latte's and flatbread sandwiches, but for the most part continued to shop there. Things slowly improved, but a few things stand out:

Going in to order a sandwich one day, the girl who took the order quickly took my money, put the sandwich in, and then started helping on drive-thru, ignoring the beeping of the oven for almost a minute, and then trying to pass off a competly black sandwich! I complained to one of the other crew members, who remade it for me with no issue, but the girl who had cooked it couldn't quite grasp what my issue was. Turkey and bacon are not supposed to be black!

I always order lattes, usually a large hot with skim milk and an extra shot of espresso. Not the most basic order, but nothing on the scale of the cara-mocha-whipped concoctions I've heard others order. My lattes usually come out right, but I've had two issues now with size confusion: a medium is 16oz, a large is 20oz. There is a thirty or fourty cent price difference between them. The first time I paid for a large and recieved a medium I went back and was refunded the thirty cents by the manager. No offer of a free coffee, no appology, just an "opps, so what do you want me to do about it?" I thought about making a call to the corportate office but let it go - I've been in retail for a long time and honestly don't like the idea of getting the big bosses involved. The second, and this time last straw, was yesterday. I ordered a large, pulled up, paid, and checked the cup. Sure enough, they'd given me a medium cup. Rather than remaking it, or even just adding extra milk, they proceeded to dump the medium into a large cup and hand it back to me. The manager was standing there with her back to the window the entire time, and said nothing. I wouldn't be surprised if she had told the girl how to handle it.

... Seriously? I give up, I'm buying a milk steamer and forgetting about the luxury of take-out coffee.
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