Bekah (erasethisworld) wrote in bad_service,

i can has donut?

Minor bad service, but sucky nevertheless. Outside the train station is a small Krispy Kreme booth. I went to get a creme filled glazed donut - paid for it, thanked the guy, walked away. When I bit into it however (after the few bites it takes to get to the filling,) I realised it was lemon. Bleurgh. So, I went back to the booth - and this dialogue ensued.

Me: Hi, I ordered a creme filled and you gave me a lemon filled?
Krispy guy: No I didn't.
Me: Well...yes you did *shows him - filling clearly yellow*
Krispy guy: Well you must have ordered it.
Me: I definitely ordered creme filled, it's all I like.
Krispy guy: Well you should have checked it before walking away.

-(Those of you who don't know, it's pretty impossible to check what the filling is inside without biting it, and I walked away from the booth before I started eating it).

Me: That's impossible? Look, I really just want a creme filled one.
Krispy guy: I can't exchange it. You'll have to buy a new one.

- (By this time, I gave up as I had to get to class and figured my thighs would thank me anyway - I just threw the donut in the bin)

There was no manager as it was a tiny booth with one worker, so I couldn't do anything. i know it's only minor but gah. I just wanted a donut :[
Tags: coffee/doughnuts/bagels, lazy worker
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