JennyElf (jennyelfenmass) wrote in bad_service,

Jeweler Suck

My fiance and I are getting married in a month and decided to purchase wedding rings. We went to the jewelry store closest to our place and found a set of rings we liked, a 2mm and 4mm in yellow gold. The place also does engraving for a fee, so we paid for the rings and sent them to be engraved and the 4mm one to be resized and were told it would take about a week.

One week later, the store called and told us our rings were ready for pick-up. A few hours after that, they called and told us that our rings were in, but they hadn't been engraved yet, so it'll take another week. Okay, mistakes happen, but what did they do with the 2mm ring that entire time?

The next week, the store called and said our rings were ready for pick-up. So we went there after work to pick them up. First they wanted us to sign for the rings w/o letting us check that the engraving had been done correctly. Then as we looked at the rings, we noticed that the 4mm one looked the wrong color. When we compared it with the 2mm ring, it became obvious. The 4mm ring was now white gold, not the yellow gold we had purchased and given to them to be engraved. When we pointed this out to the salesperson, and checked the paperwork to prove that we had purchased yellow gold rings, we were told that they would fix it. When I asked how long it would take (assuming a week as each previous time it'd been a week), we were given a waffling answer of, "I'm not sure. We have to wait until the customer that has your 4mm yellow gold ring notices and returns it so that we can send it out again." When I asked what would happen if the other customer never noticed, I was told that they'd get me a ring somehow. I told the salesperson that so far they had made 2 mistakes with our order and I was disappointed. His response, "I hope I can make it up to you." But he didn't offer any consessions.

The 2mm ring seemed correct, so we paid for the engraving and went home.

The next day, after thinking about it some, I decided that I really wasn't happy with the service we had so far received and that I'd rather just cancel the order on the 4mm ring and return the 2mm ring and start over somewhere else. The return process was at least fairly painless, but in the process, we discovered that they had actually engraved a 3mm ring and given it to me. So they had actually messed up both rings! Explained why my ring didn't feel as comfortable as I thought it should have...

tl;dr: Jewelery store forgets to engrave our rings, then sends us back the wrong rings (correctly engraved), can't seem to figure out how to properly fix their error.
Tags: jewelry/luxury
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