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I was hungry, so I grabbed my friend, and we walked to the nearest Mexican restaurant. Usually, their food is really good - except for this evening.

I ordered spicy pork nachos. Pretty simple, right? Instead, I got BBQ pork. Okay, no big deal. I walked back to the cashier and explained the order mix up.

Me: Hi, I ordered spicy pork nachos, and got BBQ instead.
Her: No, that's spicy pork.
Me: Um, it's not spicy, and it tastes like BBQ sauce.
Her: That's just how it's made.
Me: No, really, try one.
Her: I don't have to try it, I know that it's spicy pork.
Me: Will you just replace it with actual spicy pork, instead of telling me that I'm wrong? It's not that big of a deal, really.
Her: There's no reason to replace it.
Me: Can I talk to your manager?

So, she rolls her eyes, and gets the manager for me.

Manager: Hello, what's the problem?
Me: I ordered spicy pork, and instead, got BBQ pork. Your employee won't have it remade for me, though. She's just arguing with me.
(I was hungry, and pissed by then.)
Manager: Oh, I'm sorry. I'll refund your money and have it remade quickly. I'm very sorry.
He glares at the employee, who's just scowling at me, and walks into the back. He returns in like, three seconds flat, asks for my receipt, plays with the cash register, and gives me my money back.
I returned to my table, and my food is quickly delivered. My friend and I were scarfing, and when I looked up, the girl and another employee were staring at us and laughing.

Yeah, I didn't leave a tip on the table.
Tags: *restaurant, lazy worker, whaar's mah tip?!
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