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Size Is Only A Number.....

I've probably had a million reasons to post on here but this is the most recent one this evening that just floored me.

Background Info: I went to a certain store that starts with Wal and ends with Mart today to pick up some cooler socks/undergarments/pjs because the weather has just been up and down like mad lately. The 'Intimates' section was pretty much empty except for me, another older lady and one of the store's female employees.

The Suck: Now the employee was busy restocking the underwear section of the department (which is weird because I never see them restocking! Maybe she was simply returning the clothing people had poked around the store??) I smiled and said hello as I walked over to her and began looking at the prices/cuts, she smiled back.

Now I'm terminally clumsy- I could trip on air it's literally that bad. I often joke that I was born without a center of gravity. 

I was reaching down to look at a pack my size buried behind two or three packs that were considerably smaller when I knocked them off the little shelf/holder stick everything is hung on. I said I was sorry and I sure as hell didn't ask her to help me pick them up- I have horrible customer!guilt. If I don't want it anymore I will put whatever it is back where I got it!- but before I could even bend down to pick up the packs the employee-lady let out this huge sigh and started snatching them off the floor.

Me: *smiles awkwardly* Sorry- I'm kind of klutz.
Her: *sneer* Whatever- they wouldn't have fit you in the first place.
Me: O____O *hoping I'd heard wrong*.....what??
Her: *snooty tone of voice* This isn't the Plus Section.
Me: *not amused* I know- nevermind.

Now, I know I'm not the smallest person in the world but I'm pretty tall for a woman (nearly six feet) so if I'm a little chunky than at least I don't look like someone stretched me out too far.  I've also been shopping for my own clothing for a long time now and I know my own sizes pretty much perfectly. The pack I was looking at was the same size and brand name I always get because they fit. 

The End: I was so furious I put everything I was going to buy back and left the department. As I was leaving the store I came across someone in a red vest. I told the guy that *employee's name* in Intimates needs a break or her meds or something and that I really didn't appreciate her round-about way of calling me fat. I doubt anything will come of it though- the guy kind of looked like a spooked rabbit the whole time I was telling him what happened and the customer service line was so long I was afraid if I'd stayed there any longer I would have marched back to that department and become a sucky customer.  

Tags: wal*mart/tarjay/costco
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