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Bloggers Beware!

I signed up for a Typepad blog, and deleted it before the payment period started.

It was a 14 day Free Trial, that has cost me 40 bucks. Now 40 dollars isn't really amount of money but for free, thats a big amount.

I recieved my credit card statement for May and noticed I had 2 charges for a typepad account. I thought it was a little weird because I had canceled it. I emailed their help support desk, and after a few brief emails . I was advised, that there is a glitch in the system and my credit card will keep being billed until they can fix it.

A few weeks agoes by, and we go into June and I am billed again for two charges. I e-mailed their help support  who advised me that they were still fixing it. Their payment engineer was still working on it, I just needed patience.

Not cool.

So I recieved an email on June 29, the amount of 40.00 will be refunded back to my credit card.

I've only recieved one refund of 9.99.

I waited two weeks due to the holidays and what not. I didn't want to seem like a pain in the bum.

Their help support advised me this time it was not on my end but my credit card company. Obviously I was reading it wrong, and I'm not reading my credit balance right. I confirmed with a visa rep that I had only recieved one. Their records show that they processed the payment correctly.

Today I recieved an email, stating that it was a mistake on their end and it's going to take a month to fix before I get the 30.00 dollar refund.

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