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This happened awhile ago

Long time reader, first time blah, blah, blah...

Part of my job is to build accessory items for the products we sell. In this case I'm taking a battery load tester removing the clamps from the cables and putting a small box with different types of connectors on the end.

I go to Radio Shack and order 2 dozen small experimenter boxes. I'm told it will take about a week for them to get in and to give them a call. A week goes by, and I'm told it'll take another week, next week, the same thing. Two weeks after this I'm getting rather pissed off about this, I get a hold of the store manager. He told me my order was canceled because the stores are not allowed to place orders that large for any item. But damn, the way he said that to me, like it was my fault for not knowing their ordering policy.

I ended up ordering the boxes off their web site.

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