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Domino's lousy cust service

Placed an order on line with Domino's Saturday night. Two Philly steaks, one with no onion, no green pepper and extra steak, one regular, order of cinnamon sticks and a 2L of coke.

Simple enough... only not.

Order shows up, both subs are identical. Regular steak subs with everything on them, I even opened both and put them side by side to see which was which. There was no difference between the two.

So, called the store number and have the following conversation:

Employee: "Thank you for calling Domino's would you like to hear our specials?"
Me: "No, thank you. I just received an order I placed on line and it's wrong."
Employee:... "What?"
Me: "I just received an order I placed on line and it's wrong"
Employee: "What's wrong with it?"
Me: "I ordered two steak subs one was supposed to be no onion or green pepper and with extra meat, it wasn't. They are both the same, just regular subs."
Employee: "I made your order and it was correct. That was the order we received."
Me: "No, it wasn't. I'm looking at the confirmation screen on your website and it shows the order correctly"
Employee: "I made the order right."
Me: "No you did not, I am looking at the screen, it says no onion, no green pepper, extra steak. I was charged 6.49 for it.."
Employee: "It had extra steak but, we didn't get anything about no onion or green pepper."
Me: "So, you're telling me you received one or the special instructions but not the other two when all of them are entered in the same place, show on both the confirmation screen on the website and in my confirmation e-mail?"
Employee: "yes"
Me: "Ok, fine whatever, something may have happened and it didn't come through correct, I can't say if it did or didn't but, I'm telling you that I'm looking at it and that is how the order was placed."
Me: .....
Employee: "I don't know what I can do about it, I made the order correctly."
Me: "Never mind, thank you for your time, I'll take it up with your office."

Now, understand his tone during the whole conversation was just this side of saying I was lying. Also, how he first said the order was just two regular subs until I mentioned being charged extra, then he said it had the extra meat. Honestly when I called the only expectation I had was to correct the amount I was charged to remove the charge for the extra steak I didn't receive.

But, seriously, you don't know what you can do? Um, how about apologize for the error, and maybe offer to correct the error? Maybe make the order correctly and send it out?

I haven't called the office/manager yet, I'm still deciding if I just want to let the whole thing die or not. Not really enough to get too worked up about just the complete lack of any form of customer service skill astounded me.

Edit: Called and spoke to a manager, he is "Going to have a talk" with the guy. He knew who I was talking about before I even said I didn't get the employee's name. He was apologetic and even offered to send a free order or credit my purchase. I told him thanks but, it wasn't needed, I just wanted him to be aware of how his employee was dealing with customers.

Overall, a satisfactory resolution, or at least one I'm happy with.
Tags: *pizzeria, customers shouldn't get what they want, deli/sandwich shop
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